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March 31, 2009


How is Smokey doing without Charlie? We will always have wonderful memories of the day we put them in their wheelchairs for the "Day at the Races."

Travis you put a BIG smile on my face!!

I did not know that Charlie had left us. One of my favorite videos on YouTube is when they got the wheelchairs. I just loved to watch them run all over. I'm glad Smokey is doing well & can enjoy wobbling about while the snow cushions those falls. I just know Travis cannot figure this one out. He probably thinks you guys have gone bonkers, for sure! Hang in there Travis, spring is just around the corner!

"Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush"...Doug Larson quoted in the Montreal Gazette. Do you feel like whistling yet?

Travis doesn't look as happy as he did while leaping the fence.

Don't worry buddy, you'll be out of the wobbler pen and leaping again very soon!

Hang in there, Travis...springtime should be right around the corner!

I didn't realize that Charlie was gone. I had loved to watch their videos. They always looked so happy.
Travis is a hoot even when he is just sitting there.
Hope it warms up soon for him.

Charlie and Smokey were two of my favorites. That makes me very sad about Charlie, but at least Smokey is still okay.

Travis..don't forget life gets better with spring.

Hey, Steve, I was really glad to see a picture of Smokey. I think of him so often. You had told me that Charlie had been euthanized. He sure looks good. He always loved to be outside in any kind of weather. Loved rolling in the grass. Travis is a trip. He sure has a lot of energy. Keep up the good work at RDR. Sonya

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