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March 22, 2009


Woo-hoo! Good timing. I get my once a month pay tomorrow and will make an online donation for Miss Callie's treatment. Her video and blog posts have given me much entertainment for my buck and I want more in the coming years.

Hi sweet Callie. Bigs hugs,healing thoughts and lots of love are coming your way! We're all looking forward to seeing your sweet face for many, many years to come! We love you sweet girl........

A small donation is in the mail. Sounds like everyone is stepping up :)
Sure hope Miss Callie is not too lonesome away from you all for the duration of the treatment. Prayers for her complete recovery.

Callie, we're in. You're a dear one indeed. Livestrong!

A small check is in the mail. God bless you and all the RDR animals!

Just a big hug and lots of prayers from Kentucky for Debbie B. on her radiation, as well. Debbie B. and Callie, I hope your recoveries are speedy and you are both back on your feet in no time flat!

My very favorite RDR video is of Callie on her back, wagging, while you try to get her to go outside.

We need her around!

Hopefully Dave will have Callie stories for the faithful here. :)

Sending you love, belly rubs, kisses, hugs and many prayers little Callie...
Barbara & Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

Sweet Callie, I myself start radiation on April 1, maybe Callie and I can share stories!! A small check is in the mail, it's the amount of my co-payment every time I go to the dr. Kisses and rubs to you Callie.

I too will be making a small donation on behalf of Callie. God Bless RDR and all who pass through 'Margaret's gate.' !

My Border collie just had radiation treatment at U of CA, Davis, last fall. She also had to stay for 3 weeks, but she handled it well and they took very good care of her. It's a tough decision whether to radiate (Jenny had an infiltrative lipoma - uncommon & very aggressive). I think we made the right decision... although we are still dealing with some unintended consequences of the treatment.

We missed her terribly and were very glad to bring her home! I made a 1-page flyer to hang on her kennel door with her likes, dislikes and nicknames. It attracted attention so that people would stop by and talk to her, which she loved!

Our thoughts and prayers for Callie, and our sympathy on the cost. With surgery, radiation, and boarding, we were into it around $7K. Worth every penny.

Jenny sends her love and support to Callie for a good outcome.

I hope the three weeks go by fast!!! and I hope he has some dogs at the clinic that need grooming while she's there.

I'll give what I can for Callie, even if it is a small amount. I'm glad that you are going through with the treatment.

I am so sorry the cost is going to be so much but it will be well worth it to help little Callie. You don't need to hear my sob story of why I cannot contribute at this time but I will continue to pray & will also pray I will be able to find a way to contribute. I wish more than anything I could step up to help at this time. God bless all of you that are donating & God bless, Steve, Alayne, Calle & all of RDR. Callie looks so sweet in the picture. It's gonna be hard to not have her around for 3 weeks but knowing she is getting better will help ease missing her, will you be able to visit her?

Although I wish I could give more, a donation of $50 towards Callie's care has been made on behalf of my beloved four-legged friends who are on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Let's hope Callie has a good bit of time left before it's her time to cross the Rainbow Bridge and join the others who have gone before.

I just love sweet little Callie's facial expression in this picture. It makes me want to pick her up, give her a big hug, and then rub her chunky tummy.

Lucy, Annie and I will be glad to make a donation towards her medical care. May the treatments do the job and may the next 3 weeks go by in a hurry! Get well soon Callie!

Steve and Alayne,

While I indicated on the online contribution form that my donation is on behalf of Callie's Brain Tumor, please note that it is, instead, on behalf of GETTING RID of Callie's Brain Tumor.

May your merry minion survive and thrive!

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