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March 26, 2009


I am so proud of all you do for these animals in need!! I swear i would be right there helping if i lived nearby!! That is my dream! God Bless you!! Linda Christina [email protected]

ha - i love that it's a cat that thinks she's a dog, that's named Bunny. I love it.

Absolutely precious photos!!

What a purrfect home for Bun-Bun!
If this were my animal clan I would never want to leave home and miss the next photo opportunity.

Tia and are a very lucky family!

Thank you for updating us on beautiful Bunny; keep enjoying her. : )

We just can't express our appreciation enough to Steve & Alayne for saving Bunny. Without them we would not have Bunny in our lives and our home would be missing an angel.

Tia & Karl

It just doesn't get any better than this. You go, Bunny-girl.

She looks so happy and cozy!

I love these pictures. Bunny is definitely one very special "cat-dog". I feel in love with her the minute I read about her while she was at RDR. She is such a sweet & tender gal. Thank you, Tia & Karl M. for keeping us up-to-date on her & for giving her such a loving home & pack.

My parents use to have 2 dogs & a cat. My Dad used to call the cat, his yellow dog, she followed my Dad everywhere he went, slept w/ the dogs in their dog house & if someone came to their property & the dogs would bark Fancy would start meowing. My Dad was convinced she thought she was barking. She also got her name cuz Dad said she wandered up one day & took a fancy to the place & stayed.

SWEET! So wonderfully warms the heart to see such success. Made my day. Congratulations Tia and Karl- what an outstanding home/pack!

As a person who absolutely LOVES big, black dogs, I want to be Tia and Karl's friend!!!!

Bunny sure found a little piece of heaven now didn't she??

It's these kind of adoption updates that just put the frosting on the cake. What a great story! Thanks everybody for sharing!

I always knew Bunny would be wonderful mommy, lol!

What terrific pics! These really put a smile on my face. Maybe she was a dog in her last life. That is so funny! Thanks for sharing these great photos Tia & Karl, & please give all of your critters big hugs from us.
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

how funny little bunny! she really thinks she is a dog. what a wonderful adoption story! so glad to hear she loves her new home! she sounds like something of a "therapy cat" tending to sick or hurt animals. what a sweetheart

Oh my gosh--these pictures are beyond words--who would have thought she was such a dog lover! I can't stop looking at the pictures!!!

Those are such wonderful photos! I'm glad to see Bunny so happy, and the dogs are really sweet.

I sense a total Zen setting in this home - they all look so zenny and content. OK, I'm sure with all the K9s and cats it is not always that calm :).
This is the reward for bun-bun. Who knew that all that time in the RDR cat house she was wanting to hang with the pups. Bless you for adopting her and taking such great care of your pack.

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