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February 01, 2009


This sort of snuggling looks very appealing to me! Cats and dogs have this aspect down!

Darling photos. : )

I love how each dog changes the blankets around and thank you for adding Widget to the blog today I always love hearing about her! Today I walked into the barn I work at and one of the cats was asleep balancing on a saddle.

Widget doing her second favorate thing (after eating of course, and before sending invisible Beagle thought rays to her people trying to get them to give her more food). Widget is just such a Beagle.

Hows Walker/ Dexter?

Thank you Anita M.!! It must warm your heart to see the fruits of your labor are so well received :) They sure look comfy.

I could watch dogs sleep all day! They are always so peaceful. Thanks for sharing these photos of happiness and serenity... even if in a card board box. :)

aka Frankie's Mom

This is hilarious. I love how each one of them has a different idea of what comfort is all about but the main goal for every one is a good nap.

My cat has a box full of toys & he will play with something every once in a while but the best toy in the world for him is the plastic ring from a milk/juice jug. He can be anywhere in the house & the minute I start to open a jug he appears at my feet. It makes absolutely no noise when one is opened so I have no idea how he knows but that is one of the never-ending mysteries that I'll never know unless he begins to talk.

It's great to know that the dogs really know how to "reuse & recycle"! If more people would do that, we'd all be much better off!
It's interesting to see the parade of participants for the "box bed". It seems to be the "happenin' place" for naptime adventures!
Big warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

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