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February 15, 2009


I can't hear her but I can see a sweet doxie girl face!
Love it!

I have had 3 smooth haired doxies do this with their ears but my long haired doxies has never sported this look. My son calls them broken ears. It appears mine do this when they are excited about something like a squirrel in the backyard or stressed out such as a bath or a trip to the vet's office.

We have 4 doxies in our home and one of them has this all the time. We call it an "ear-do".

Too cute! This is a very popular look among red headed doxie's as my Frankie loves this look too! Sometimes when she rides in the basket on my bike and the wind is just right her ears glide straight out to the sides. She really looks like she will fly right out of the basket!!
aka Frankie's mom

When our dogs ears do this whoever sees it first yells "hey dude! fix your dog's ear", which is only funny if you saw the Seinfeld episode when Elaine yells this to a stranger.

She is looking very stylish! Every girl wants to get a new look every now & then. Plus, I bet she wanted to make sure she didn't miss a word, like, dinner is ready or would you like a treat?

My basset hound does this from time to time. I laugh at her and I could swear she gets embarrassed.

Hee hee - when we had our Doxie, we refered to this style as "having curlers in their hair"! Kinda like those old fashioned pink sponge curlers...

When our Lab has this look like Daisy's, my husband says it like they have their hair up. Anita M.

I have a doxie mix and she get this look all the time. We call it her inside-out ears look. They are too cute like this.

My husband calls the ears flipped back look 'turning on the air conditioning'!

My cute little Molly often sports a variation of this look - the rakish one ear up / one ear down version that I like to call "the Australian Bush Hat." Perhaps Daisy should try that when she is feeling sporty (or when she has a shrimp on the barby....)

You might want to monitor Daisy's TV viewing............'America's New Top Model' competition has just begun ! :)

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