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February 18, 2009


I love this shot too and wish the same. It's really an amazing photo when you realize they are all blind. Thanks for sharing.

I love this shot. Makes me wish I had this waiting for me every evening.

I love this photo ! Everyone looks so healthy and alert ... and, Blanca seems to have a large sombrero or pirate hat on :)

I don't know how they do it. I was visiting a friend with a blind dog, and every time someone walked by, even on the other side of the street, that dog would be right at the screen door. Not barking, just watching.

Jake looks like he's filled out nicely! The last picture I saw of him, one could see his ribs very clearly.

Almost is perfect height order.

I LOVE THIS BLOG!!! What a fantastic picture!!! Colleen--your blog touched me. Can't wait to meet Jake and see the rest of the gang in a few months!

The Poodle sisters are so refined looking. They should be hosting teas and reading good books not fawning over that ne'er-do-well hound dog.

What a great shot! Do the poodle sisters always stick together like that?! Virtual hugs to all.

Nothing against those little dogs that hog the blog but it is really good to see a photo of some of the Widget House dogs. What a motley crew!! I just love them all to pieces.

I think it is amazing how animals know when it's time to eat & when it's time for us to be arriving home. My cat is always sitting in the window when I pull into the driveway. Then by the time I make it to the door he is there & so close to it I have to be careful when I open it so I don't bump his nose. Having had animals all my life I could tell a ton of stories of timing. The most memorable was our poodle after my Dad died. It took almost 2 years for our poodle to stop sitting at the door every evening @ 5:45pm. After about 30 min he would walk away but was back again the next day, same time, same spot.

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