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February 23, 2009


Do you want to know a secret?,
Do you promise not to tell?, whoa oh, oh.

Let me whisper in your ear,
Say the words we long to hear,

Do you want to know a secret?,
Do you promise not to tell?, whoa oh, oh.

I've known the secret for a week or two,Nobody knows, just we two.

You two are great girlfriends!!!

I would love to know what that secret is all about. Both dogs look beautiful. Amazing & wonderful how they adapt so well.

I'm glad Helen has adjusted to being on 3 legs.

Perhaps Sultry Soba senses Helen's need for a little encouragement.

"keep it up Helen, you're doing great!"

"What? Did you say spring was just around the corner??"

Just goes to show you how resilient animals are. Every animal with a disability deserves a chance to live and if you give them a chance, they'll show you how much they want to live! Thanks Alayne and Steve for giving so many disabled animals a second chance at life...Tia

I always thought Widget to be the gossip queen of the Ranch but maybe Soba is following in her footsteps!

These two sweethearts look very well-balanced to me. Thank you for giving them such a balanced life with lots of love and care.

That's a great pic! I love how they are sharing secrets. You just never know what they may be up to, so you'd better watch your p's & q's! Glad to hear that Helen has adjusted to being without her 4th leg.
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

How wonderful to see Helen. She looks great!

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