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February 19, 2009


Dexter look like a true gem. You are all so lucky to have found one another. Karma. Thanks Steve and Alayne for doing what you do! You are both saints in my book.

Dexter sounds like a great dachshund! Definitely a perfect minion! I just love it when a dachshund is a "velcro dog".

What a cutie! He is one happy dog.
He knows he's got it made at RDR.
How's Smokey doing?

Thank you so much for posting about him - I was wondering myself how he was settling in! He looks like a wonderful little guy.

That's a great update on such a sweet guy that seems to have fit right in. I'm glad he is your dual minion & it's good to know you have such a fierce little guy looking out for you. I'm so glad Alayne said yes, as I'm sure both of you are too. He sounds like a ball of energy & no way I could resist the sitting up or as we put in our family, "sitting pretty."

Dexter T. Dickens is so inspiring! I just love that face of his. I have a friend who just adopted a 10-year old doxie named Barney. She fell in love with my Frankie after watching her a few times for us... once you get hooked on a doxie you are ALWAYS hooked on them. They are just like "dickens" and so darn loveable!
aka Frankie's mom

There's a quick fix for that problem -- let him sleep in the bed! LOL Even if you are a light sleeper, once he cuddles into a spot and is finally content, you won't know he's there. :)

I'm so glad Madame Nyet said "yes" this time. What a sweet boy Dexter is.

The problem for everyone, of course, would be to just let him sleep in bed with you. I'll bet you all would sleep through the night...

What a character! Glad to hear he's settling in so nicely.

Thanks for this great update, Steve!

Dexter is a sweetheart for sure: he just looks (and acts) adorable! Not to mention that you and Alayne finally have a minion in common...;-)

Please give him a HUGE hug for me.

What a sweetie! Love that grey beard. Those eyes on the second photo say "I'm very happy here".


It's great to see that Dexter T. has settled in & become a dual minion, as it should be. It's funny about him knocking the gate down to come & check on you! When I have houseguest, Tobias has to go & check on them while they are attempting to sleep. Since the guest room is upstairs, & he sleeps in my room, downstairs, it's a conscious effort. They like to know that all is well in their world & keep the people that love them safe.
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

What a sweetie! Have you tried crating him at night? We had to put our terrier-dachs on "crate rest" for several weeks when he hurt a disk, and before long he was enjoying his "burrow" so much that it became his preferred sleeping place even when he was allowed to be out and about again. We still crate him at night and when we leave the house, and he is very happy to be in his safe place. The crate IS in the bedroom; if he had to spend nights in a separate room he might not be so pleased. But it might be worth a try. :)

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