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February 25, 2009


Spark is counting her blessings!

A quick review if I may: Recent update on house dogs - check; cottage pups - check; dogs of Widget's House - check; horses - check; cottage and barn cats - check, check. So now, please, tell us what Miss Margaret has been up to these days !! :-)

"Soon all this will be MINE!"

This picture is so beautiful. I think it could be a postcard for Montana or on a tourist magazine to visit your beautiful state. Amazing!

This is an award winning photo! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's one of Cinder's kittens? Wow! Looks like she doesn't have any problems finding meals! If you'd not told me it was a cat, I'm not sure what I would have thought it was! I always wondered what became of Cinder's kittens. Looks like the meals on paws is working fine for her.
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias, & Tlingit

I absolutely love that picture. Steve, I'm going to go with your thought. It was a few moments of quite meditation thanking God for the beautiful scenery & a place to live where she can just be a cat!

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