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February 16, 2009


What a terrific update! Bunny looks sooo happy... I just love the picture in the middle.

Three-legged cats rule!:-)

God bless Karl and Tia for adopting this sweet girl.

Bunny hopped into the right family it looks like. What a sweet kitty and what a great family for taking her in.
aka Frankie's Mom

Bunny looks so comfy. I'm not sure I've ever seen her on her own feet. She's either lying comfortably on her back with her feet in the air or someone is carrying her. I think she got that all figured out.

"Dogs have owners, cats have staff."

Bunny is almost edible; her eyes tell how happy she is.

We're so happy for Bunny and her family. We're grateful for the update and wish you continued bliss as home.

I am so happy for Bunny...and for the lucky family who adopted her. She was always one of my favorites. A perfect fit once again!!

I'm so glad to have an update about Bunny. I have thought about her so many times & how lucky Karl & Tia were to get such a beautiful & sweet kitty. I'm sure Bunny also feels pretty lucky. I love the pictures but especially the one of her on her back with the sun shining on her belly. Those lovely eyes!

Thanks for the great update. Bunny is one BEAUTIFUL, AND LOVELY kitty kat!!!!

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