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January 27, 2009


I just love kitty cats!! Can't wait to love on them on our next visit.

Such precious kitties!! Great photo!

This is such a sweet photo! And how it teaches us that no matter what, animals stick together, never judging and accepting each other.

There's nothing quite as content as a warm cat.

My cats (and dog) adore the oil-filled space heater! One (Rickenbacker -- Ricky) likes to put his face about an inch from the heater and stick both his front legs under it. Apparently he feels he can soak up maximum heat this way.

Their body temperature is higher than humans, so it only makes sense that they prefer warmer temps...I'd like to grab a blankie and snuggle right up with the whole bunch...great shot!

Ahhhh...they must all have super-toasty ears, lovely! Looking at them you would think the room is near zero, hahaha.
Funny to see that to balance things out one must face the other way, or like these it becomes a semi-circle! Their bums are decidedly bigger than their front ends ;-)

How fun to see a kitty picture. They look so cozy. Sure do look like they get enough groceries! Plump & shiny, just how a kitty should be. I bet there was some purring going on :)

Bless their fuzzy little hearts!

Looks very snuggly. I'd love to snuggle up with them!

Ahhh, I love kitties & they look so cute & cuddly. You just think there is nothing to look at off to the left. Kitties see many things that we crazy humans cannot see!!!

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