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January 25, 2009


I'm glad you reminded us how big Beaver is...I have to increase the size of my cyber HUGS AND KISSES to him!

I sure do hope the belt extender works well for him; something tells me it will.

Wow, what a big gorgeous boy! Does he have a sweet personality too? I love the sorrel coloring. Here's hoping he gets better soon!

He sure is a beautiful boy. Many good wishes coming his way that he will feel better soon.

I hope the latest treatment does wonders for Beaver's tumor. He certain is a handsome Hunk! I'm glad that he's getting a custom made extender to make his case more managable.
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Why am I not surprised at his size? I've been to Belgium (I'm moving to Belgium in six months) and I've never seen such huge cows in my life. I have no idea what they feed them, but if the horses have any access to it...

Beaver is one huge boy, but a handsome one! Here's hoping the belly band will give him some comfort and his sarcoid will begin healing up with no complications.

Now the question tall are you, Steve? That would help me understand Beaver's size. I have a particular fondness for Clydesdales and Belgians, and I think Beaver is one handsome fellow.

As I recall, this also the same Cindy who had the face of dog because she held a dog up in front of her face to avoid photos. Cindy, I can seriously relate!!

I love the full winter look on your big Belgian boy and I hope the belly-band helps keep his sarcoid clean. Speedy recovery, handsome Beaver.

How is Beaver doing without his brother. I was saddened to hear about Rooster. I must have missed that blog.

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