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January 14, 2009


Manny looks like a happy, active boy! I'm so glad Heather was at her local shelter; available to see Manny's personality and give him a chance to live out a life with family. Life doesn't get better than playing ball with those you cherish.

When my husband and I adopted Leo, our three-legged cat, we wondered whether he would be able to climb stairs, etc... Ha! We shouldn't have worried at all: he runs and jumps all over the place!:-)

Oh Manny what a handsome boy you are! My goodness, my heart skipped a beat when I looked at your picture. Heather thank you for sharing this wonderful story but more than that thank you for loving Manny enough to see his "ability". The ability to love and be loved, to live a full life and be of value! I am quite sure he has even more abilities than this too. What a blessing, what a heart warming story. May we all be so humble as Manny to say here I am, every beautiful inch of me ready to live a wonderful life and love you like nobody ever has! Thanks! You made my night!

Thank you for the guest blog RDR & Heather! This is a wonderful success story. His beautiful picture (from Gasworks Park?)caught my eye because of his bright and happy grin, as well as that stylish coat! Only after your story did I revert to notice only one front leg. Brought to mind a fabulous cover on The Bark magazine awhile back - same thing and great to spread that message. Their spirit will(and should) blind you to their "disability". I have come to love Steve and Alayne's term "differnt ability".

While I live in Issaquah & am not into Seattle much anymore, I'd be thrilled to notice your fabulous Manny at Gasworks someday, for that beautiful smile.

What a cutie?? Such a great ending.
How's Margaret does she like the snow?

Hooray for Manny...he deserves great happiness. And blessings to Heather and her family for seeing beyond his slight "difference"!!

Heather--that is a wonderful story and another testament to the joy of having a disabled animal. Manny is so handsome! I grew up with a 3-legged cat and she was the best.

What an adorable doll Manny is - and I really enjoyed the lovely post by Marla. I love happy endings - and let's hope these stories and the hard work by all the people who care will bring many more.

There are some wonderful people that come to this blog. It's so awesome people are finding out animals with disabilities can do much more than we can ever imagine & more people are coming to know this because of the way stories can be shared on the internet. Thank you, Heather, for sharing your story of Manny & for being the one who took the time to give him his forever home. Manny looks great with the ball in his mouth. Marla, your story almost made me cry. Sounds like that Cairn hit the jackpot!

I agree...Manny is one lucky handsome boy! He is sooo cute! So glad to hear about him and his second lease on life. Thanks for sharing!

What a HANDSOME boy! Thank you Heather and family for giving him a wonderful home and educating others about the full lives dogs with disabilities can have.

Heather's story reminds me of an adoption fair I was working at. I held a three-legged pure-bred Cairn Terrier in my arms and people could not tell he was missing a leg. Of course, when I told them, they were no longer interested even though this dog was twice as fast going up and down the stairs to potty as I was to take him. Anyway, after many, many hours, this elderly couple came in and said a friend called them to alert them there was a Cairn there up for adoption. Rather than get my hopes up yet again, I sighed and told them about the missing leg and asked if that was a problem. The man then leaned down and pulled his pants leg up to expose an artificial leg and said "That will just make him all the more beautiful to us". Needless to say, I cried throughout them filling out the adoption forms! God bless you Heather for adopting Mr. Manny.

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