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January 28, 2009


Thanks for sharing Leo's story!What a little darling! These blogs are priceless! The kitties all around the heater is precious also! Thank you Thank you for sharing! it makes me so happy!

What a beauty! I second (or third) the statements about his wonderful long tail.

Thank you so much, dear Steve, for posting Leo's story!

A huge "grazie" to all those who wrote such kind words about Leo and myself.

Leo is extremely flattered to be on the RDR blog!:-)

Hugs and purrs to everyone!

Leo is one lucky boy (handsome, too!) to have been rescued by you, Carla. You have a heart of gold. Thanks for sharing your story.

I just finished reading "Amazing Gracie" (and would be shocked if you blog readers didn't love it) about the guys who started 3 dog bakery, and Gracie, the deaf albino great dane pup that was magical in their life. I mention this because I have the feeling the moral of the story is also perhaps yours... Carla with Leo, and the whole RDR... "I used to think that I saved Gracie. But now I realize that all along it was Gracie thwho at was saving me."

You actions, from the heart are special and an inspiration.

Leo; is a beautiful cat. Do Italian cats have longer tails than American cats? It looks extra-long in the picture :-)

Oh, what a beautiful story... and such a wonderful, happy ending. I am always so grateful to those who will take in a disabled animal and give them all the love and care they so deserve. Thank you, Carla for being so good to Leo. I have no doubt there was a reason he came into your life and he will provide you with many, many blessings.

Leo is one lucky guy! And a very handsome cat. Thank you, Carla, for saving and adopting him. Ciao!

Ciao, Leo! Have a good life!

Forgot to mention...
I love Leo's long tail.
He's a big, handsome guy!

Sending much care to you and Leo.

Carla and Leo were meant to be; placed together at the proper time!

Let's all keep our eyes open for animals in need. Can't give them a home? Find a way to help, or get them help immediately.
Leo surely wouldn't have survived a rapid infection on such a tiny body.

Thank you for sharing your story, Carla! I'm so happy that Leo is in your life and you in his.

p.s. "Open the shades a little bit more, Carla, I can't see out this window!"

Great job, Carla, and what a handsome creature. Spread the word in Italy about "disabled" cats and dogs.

What a wonderful story.....Carla is an angel without wings. This handsome young man is lucky to have found her.
I just LOVE these stories!

I'm so sorry about Lea. You were so wonderful to rescue Leo in his time of trouble & what a handsome cat he has become! I think he's guarding your home, by the way he's looking out the window. Thanks for sharing his story with us. Please give him a hug.
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Perhaps Leo found you. It sounds like you needed each other. Thank you for rescuing and rehabbing him. He's gorgeous and a very lucky boy.

aaawww! Leo is beautiful! Thank you for rescuing him & giving him such a wonderful, loving home! A kitty is definitely a wonderful form of entertainment! I'm glad he helped you with your loss of Lea.

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