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January 20, 2009




I hope your dog makes it. My thoughts are with you.

That is a funny picture & caption. If that black spot wasn't there you might be able to see her at all sitting in all that snow!

Ha! Would love to see what her head is doing on the other side, just laying there???

That's hysterical. Thanks Steve for a great to start the morning. Could you give us an update on Margaret soon?

A metaphor for so many things...

At first I thought her head was under the snow,
then I looked again,
so much funnier!
This added some laughs to my day.
My dog was hit by a car last night and might not make it,
so seeing this post made me smile.
Thank you for all the wonderful things you do at RDR!

Whahaha, but what does it look like from another side? I first thought she had her head down to look/sniff for the last rabbit but this is funnier ;-)!

Serious contender for the Inetrnational Photograph of the Year Award

Luke often sits with his head hung low. I wonder if its easier to smell things when yer blind if your head is lower to the ground? Blanca looks great by the way!

Maybe something to do with finding bliss in the three senses that are intact...?

That's hilarious! At first glance, I thought it was Travis with his butt in the air and his head buried in the snow. What a great eye you have for fun shots and catchy captions.

Who knew she has a perfect spot!
Great picture. Looks like Blanca is very much "growing into herself" and thriving!

LOL! I love Bianca, I love the photo, I love the title and Ilove the lead sentence!

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