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January 22, 2009


Luke is sooooo cute all cuddled nice and snug in the small box! So glad he has such a wonderful home!! Yes, he is definitely giving Baron some stiff competition in the "Cutest Sleeping Dog" contest!

Luke! thank you for reminding us about the joys in the simple things! You must miss him terribly, but how AWESOME to see him so settled in and beloved. :)

I think that Luke is part cat ... our cats always think an empty box or piece of cardboard is their's and they love sleeping in or on even the smallest piece/box

Luke is so very cute - and shiny too! He looks just like my dog Binx. Binx knows about odd positions. He is wearing a huge head cone so he won't fuss over a paw wound. Of all the places he could go he gets under my computer desk. Yesterday a split in the cone caught on a cord - I caught him right before my computers got pulled off the desk!!He still tries to sniff though!!

Nothing quite like some good, healthy competition for blog hero. Baron's been giving Widget a run for her money, and Luke enters the competition. Who will be next?

PS - Luke, you are adorable. I love the updates on alumni.

I love these stories also. I love hearing about how other people have adopted these wonderful "special" pets, and especially the stories about dogs that get adopted from RDR - connecting great people with great pets and that wouldn't have happened without RDR in the middle.

How cute. They have a great home!!!!

It's great to read the stories of former RDR creatures and other "disabled" animals from RDR fans.

Luke is so content in his home. Thank you, Kate! He is so beautiful too with that shiny black coat. I love the pictures. The laundry basket is a favorite of every animal I have ever been owned by, I wonder what it is that is such an attraction.

Luke is definitely giving Baron a run for his money in the "Cutest Sleeping Dog" contest!

These are WONDERFUL blog stories.

Those are such cute pics of Luke! I think he's just happy to be near Kate, whatever she's as far as cramming himself in tiny things, I just don't know. It's funny, maybe a feeling of security & knowing where the boundaries are? If only he could tell us. Thanks for the update on Luke! He's gorgeous & so precious. Thanks for giving him such a wonderful home filled with love, Kate.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

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