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January 05, 2009


Thanks for giving Dexter a home. He's a happy dog now!He's so cute and adorable. Glad to know that he's in good hands!

How interesting to find another Dachshund that suffers from the same disease that afflicts my Jewels: CSH. Jewels also lost plenty of teeth, but because she still has her canines, her tongue still remains in her mouth, LOL. What a figure Dexter is. Thank you for taking him in...It looks as though Alayne and I are affected by the same malady: Dachshundiatis. I have 4 at home, plus a 16-yr old Whippet.

Dachshunds are like Lay's potato chips, you know. You gotta have a bowlful! I know, I have three!

Dexter is the spitting image of my rescue Penny, so much so that I let out a squeal when I saw his picture. My older rescue black and tan is mostly toothless, too - Schatzie and Dexter can discuss dentures together.

Alayne can now be called Madame Da! Thanks to the both of you for your hard and tireless work. Everyone out here loves you, but not as much as Dexter and Company do!

I have a black and tan male that is 15 years old. He has 2 teeth and his tongue hangs out making him look like he is dead when he is asleep. I mash up canned dog food with potted meat and sometimes weinies to feed him. I rescued him when he was about 5. I have had several doxies. They are so precious. Now it is just him but he has 6 other siblings all rescued also. I loved this story. What do you feed him?

I so look forward every month to see what is new at your place-this little doxie reminds me so much of my little Sugar who I had to put to sleep after giving me 19 wonderful years(she was a stray who was going to stay a few days!!) Thanks for all you do

I have a 15-year-old doxie, Ginger, that I have had since she was a pup. Her muzzle and paws are white and her teeth are rotted, too, but she still gets around all right. God bless you. I am so glad my wife and I contributed. I will pray for your cause and give what I can until I'm gone.

I am SO glad Dexter found a loving home to live out his later in life years. Thank you for not saying "no" to this precious little guy. He will bring many happy moments to you both, I'm sure.
God bless you for ALL you do for ALL the animals at the ranch.
Sandi Stelz sweet and adorable. Dexter you are one lucky little guy and I just know you feel as if you are finally in heaven! AND you deserve it. My doxie Roscoe P Coltrain say WooWoo! to you. You lucky dog! Great work as always Steve and Alyane. You are my heroes!

My family had a "doxie" that was 17 ;when he died. He, also had no teeth, except for two to hold his tongue in. We got him when I was pregnant with my first child He would be 50, if alive.
Thanks for giving this fellow a chance to have a loving home.

Thank you for making sweet little Dexter T. Dickens more comfortable and giving him a loving home where he will be spoiled rotten!

Dexter looks just like my Pricilla. You can't say no to that face. I lost my Elvis almost 3 yrs. ago and I still miss him. Doxies are the best.

I have a Dexter too! He is a Craigslist throwaway. Then I got Igor, he is a 'stray'. You know how those 10 plus year, one eyed, deaf,rotted teeth, incontenent strays are always wondering about. You never can have just one dachshund - didn't you know that? ;) I am sure your Dexter will make himself at home :)

We lost our doxie, Brownie, last October and you're just lucky we didn't find Dexter first!! We wonder who's happier you or the dawg! Lyn and Charlee

You guys are great! Thank you - I love doxies owning one myself - they are sooo sweet and adorable.

Doxies are just like potato cant just have one. He is so sweet he looks like my Snickers. Thank you for all you do for the animals.

Cute story. Glad you took him he is adorable.

Oh he is so cute. Each time I read about one of the animals I feel my eyes well up with tears. Some are sad & some are happy. I think it is so wonderful what you ALL do for these beautiful, sweet, loving & extremely generous animals! I know there is a place for you ALL in heaven along with these little troopers! Keep up the good work!

Thank You for what you do.
Barry @41 South

I had a "weiner-dog" when I was young, "Rusty", they have the most amazing personalities ! I bet you guys will never regret the day you said yes to Dexter !
You guys are troopers, thanks from all of us who would love to be in your shoes! love to all these little creatures!

What an adorable liitle guy..!!!! I love the name, "Dexter T. Dickens"....just great!!! Made me chuckle!

Welcome Dexter you are the cutest!

SO CUTE! I love the little crook in his mouth! No doubt it's from the lack of teeth, but it's cute just the same!!

Welcome home Dexter! What a cutie pie you are!! Thank you Alayne and Steve for giving this sweet soul a forever home surrounded by lots of love.
Hugs and kisses to you Dexter T. Dickens

What a great way to start the New Year - another dachshund at the Rolling Dog Ranch! Definitely a good decision. How many doxies do you have now - seven? Can't have too many!

Oh Dexter, you are just precious, precious, precious! I had a LOL when you said asking a dachshund lover if they want another doxie is like asking an alcholic if he wants a drink. Very funny and, oh, so true. If I were anywhere near your ranch I'd be running right over to squeeze this sweet little guy. I'm so happy to know he will live out his life at your wonderful ranch. Thank you.
Barbara Techel
Author of Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

Thank your for taking Dexter T. Dickens in to your loving home! I have a friend that adoped an old doxie that thinks he's king of the roost. When approached by big dogs, such as my greaythound, he snarts snarling & barking. Yes, he's a big, bad dog. (Everybody laughs at him) Bear in mind, Tobias is 31" tall at the shoulder & his head is rather high, so a little Doxie snarling at him is pretty funny. He is a charachter which I imagine Dexter is as well. Thank you so much for taking care of his much overlooked dental needs. I'm sure he's much more comfortable now. I hope he proves a worthy minion, Alayne.
Big warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

He is so sweet!! I know how the doxie addiction can be. You guys rock!!!!

Welcome to "heaven on earth"
Dexter T. Dickens!
such a sweet face, I know Dexter will fit right in with your crew!

Lost his canines? That is a major surgery. Glad to see he found his home at RDR! You guys are the best hands down. What does he eat for meals? I'm sure it doesn't really matter as most dogs just inhale their food anyway. LOL

Now how could anyone resist that cute little face? Minion or not, he's HOME! Thanks for taking in this little cutie patootie

I agree with Janet and you guys did the right thing!!

Welcome Dexter! I can see why the answer was YES! He is such a cutie. Dexter got the bestest Christmas present!

Awww, I just love him! Welcome to the ranch, Dexter T. Dickens! He reminds me so much of my first dachshund, Bugsi, who came to me as a rescue and had survived a year of torture, quite literally. She lived to the ripe old age of 16. How old do you think Dexter is?

Well? Just how old is old Dexter? Did the SPCA give you a rough estimate? Little does "Deaf" Dexter know but he landed in paradise, zero degrees or not....paradise. Congrats on making the best decision!

what a cutie pie .....Lucky Little Boy .....

What a cutie pie and a lucky little boy....Happy New Year to you little guy.....

Unfortunately, old age in animals is sometimes treated as a "disability"--a disability on the guardian's part to do whatever's necessary to take care of their aging companion.

But I'm starting to wonder if the Ranch needs a new name or maybe a new department? The Disabled Dachshund Ranch?!--wholly-owned subsidiary of RDR> ;-)

Sometimes you JUST KNOW. Congratulations all! A special holiday blessing.

What a heart-stealer!! Bless you for your open arms!

Dexter is soooo cute! So glad you were able to take him in and give him lots of love and caring in his sunset years. Welcome to heaven on earth, Dexter!!!!

Oscar would be proud.

Steve, you are a wise man to defer doxie decisions to Alayne...

Alayne, congratulations on your newest minion. May he be the most devoted ever!

You people are wonderful. What a face, he's so happy to be alive and ther. God Bless you.

Time will tell, but that sweet little face may well indicate that the "T" stands for Trouble, lol!! Many thanks to Madame Nyet for making the right choice!

Oh my goodness, isn't Dexter the sweetest, cutest thing you've ever seen?:-)

Thank you, Alayne, for saying 'yes'!!

Please give him a HUGE hug for me, will you?

Welcome home, Dexter!

Awwww....what a happy guy, now! Where was he from before Ashley found him/he found her?
As for his being able-bodied, or, for you, his disabilitylessness, isn't it nice to be around a Doxie who doesn't need the linoleum as much? And, as far as finding a family for him, his age WAS the biggest crippling factor he had, foor fellow. But ofcourse, the state of Montana wouldn't be big enough to hold all the goldies and oldies around...

Hello, Dexter! He looks like a sweetie, and I'm very happy that you were able to take him in.

Who could turn that handsome fella down? The face did us in. Welcome to heaven on earth Dexter!!

Awwww....what a mug! Thanks for making this little guy a place on the ranch. I don't envy you though, ever having to make decisions like who to take and who not, and of course you have to do that probably more often than you would like.
Much love to all the animals from NYC!

Thanks for giving him a home at RDR...what a brought a very big smile to me...he looks so adorable with that face. Now he will be safe and loved in his old age...

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