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January 15, 2009


What a good teacher and what a good student. Austin may end up being the quicker squeaker-taker-outer if Goldie doesn't watch out. He seems to be studying her technique very intently. That would teach her to not be such a good teacher. Oh never mind.

There are many ways to "see" (reply to Craig from Great Falls).

That is the true reason why what RDR has done is so beautiful.

Every day I stop by to read and feel inspired and encouraged .. and I go home every night to two (mostly) healthy (mostly) sighted cats and give them BIG hugs (tho they'd prefer MORE - a sound/word they 'say' while begging) ... thank you for all you do for the animals and people like me!

Ah yes, the ol' squeakectomy. LOL

I just love this. Blind Goldie is hilarious with her obsession & the look on Blind Austin's face is priceless. Guess the temptation was too much for Blind Austin & he had to try to move in to get the toy! Goldie's motto: "So many squeaky toys to save the world from & so little time"

I love Goldie...she reminds me of my dog who also shredds toys in remarkable speed for the squeaker!

The pictures are full of life and love.

Thanks again for all you do!

I read your blog each morning and am amazed at the wonderful work you do for the unwanted animals. God Bless you. I wanted to share with you my experience with squeaker toys.
My toy poodle, Mr. Booie, 4 lbs, loved to get the 'squeaker' out of the toys too. Years ago, he swallowed the squeaker and after a $5k vet bill, he recovered but I almost lost him. Beware that the squeaker lodged in his intestines and nearly killed him. I don't know if there is a danger for larger dogs or maybe Booie is just not very smart! Either way, they can be dangerous.

We had a dog like that...Moosie thought it wasn't safe until he "killed" the's amazing how quickly he could accomplish it....

"See" how I did that? Figuratively speaking. LOL More like "hear" how I did that? Pay more attention next time.

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