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January 26, 2009


Glad to hear Beaver is doing well without his brother! I was quite worried about him and his emotional sense of well being. Thank you for the update.

This made me smile. My doxie, Frankie also loves to snuggle in front of my petite gas stove in my studio. Her bed and blanket is right in front of it. Sometimes she will take her head and almost put it under the gas stove. She can't seem to get close enough. Those doxie's and keeping warm is top of their list!

I have rats as companion animals and they have short lives--2 years usually. They are social animals and I usually keep at least two together. I asked my vet whether she thought they missed a departed companion or recognized that a brother rat was missing. I liked her reply. She said, and I paraphrase, I think they mourn for a few days and then they just get on with their lives. Simple, and the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. I think it applies for many animals. I have observed several times that the remaining rat keeps an unusually low profile for a day or two (a period of mourning) and then returns to his usual activities.

Getting hotter in here, alright, whew! Never underestimate the healing powers of a hot chick, regardless of species ;-) Seriously though, thanks for the update on Beaver.

You guys stay in as much as possible and keep that fire going...I must say that it sure looks like a good place for napping...where's my couch???

Daisy definitely looks like a model. Love Widget's spot. I would love to be cuddling with them in front of that fire. Man, I cannot believe how cold it is there. I won't even begin to tell you the temp today in San Antonio, TX but it is going to get cold tomorrow or at least according to our standards of what cold is in TX. I'm glad it didn't take Beaver long to adjust to life without Rooster. I hope Beaver heals fast.

Daisy and Widget look like they're covergirls for Wood Stove Magazine. :)

Hey! I want to cuddle up and snuggle in front of that fire with Widget and Daisy. That looks marvelous. I am glad to know that Beaver is coping with the loss of Rooster. I am praying for his rapid recovery from the tumor.

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