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January 07, 2009


Hope - you must be a joy to be around; never a dull kitty moment!

Thank you for giving her a wonderful home, Lisa.

Because of RDR, the choice for my next pet will be based on it's disabilility; not breed or color.

I hope others feel moved to give a disabled or "unadoptable" pet a home. How many more wonderful disabled adoption stories are circulating in the universe? Endless....and each one builds in emotion and gratitude for the animal and the owner.

Keep the stories going!

Yes, thanks Alayne and Steve. Without people like you I, too, wouldn't have the boy that I have. I was lucky enough to adopt him from a small group and he's been a roller coaster ride for me since. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Oh, and don't tell him he's disabled, by the way. He won't believe you.

This a great series addition to an already outstanding blog. Thanks all!

Your RDR mission is making a huge impact and not just at the ranch!

Steve, what a great idea to have others share their adoption stories. Lisa's precious cat is sooo beautiful. Thanks for sharing Hope's story.

Thanks for sharing these stories. Being blind is so *not* a disability. The disability is in people not willing to try. Thanks to everyone who gave these "disabled" creatures a try.

What a wonderful story! Thanks Lisa for sharing your life & times with us, Hope & Gretchen.
A friend gave me a book for Christmas, based on a true story, "What's the Matter with Henry?" which cold be for any age. I was delighted to recieve it & suggest it for anyone.
Thanks Steve, for sharing other's stories of unique pets.
Hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

She's beautiful. Thank you for telling her story.

What a cutie!

Hope is simply beautiful. Thank you, Lisa, for giving her a loving home and the chance to be the normal cat she knows she is.

Hope is a perfect name for this little beauty. Yes, Steve and Alayne have convinced me that the next animal I adopt will be a disabled one.
Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story with us.

Lisa, God bless you for adopting Hope and giving her a loving home! I wish you many joyful years in the company of Hope and Gretchen.

Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. May you have many, many happy years with your precious cats Hope and Gretchen.
Bless you always.....

Lisa B, God bless you for the sweet angel you have given such a loving & normal home life to. You do give "Hope" to one wee little (very fun) kitty! Steve, thank you for devoting time & sharing these stories with us.

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