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January 29, 2009


I say this with a smile, but when I see an email from Steve, I set it aside until I have at least a free hour! One thing just leads to another, and I can't bring myself to STOP!
I love your pictures and commentary, and these sweet babies just steal my heart.
Thanks for sharing.

Just one cookie each? I'd say add another cookie!

Evelyn and Penny are in my prayers; a healthy outcome for both.

I've had some problems posting comments so I apologize if this is a duplicate but I wanted to send my best wishes to the girls. I hope both will be good as new soon.

I love the thought of them riding in the truck enjoying life & of course, the great treat they enjoyed!!!

Both girls are in my thoughts and prayers.....they are both so precious!!! I just adore Penny!!!

How in the heck do you and Alayne keep track of every animal's health? Finding a toe nail tumor in time must be tough with 80 animals! I wish them both well.

Oh dear, I hope both girls have good results. So hard when you have to wait for answers. I am keeping both in my thoughts.

Paws, fingers, legs, and arms crossed for both girls.

Sending good wishes for Evelyn and Penny!


Verdell the dog
Melvin Udall the cat

And their humans Julien and Alix

The girls will be in my prayers. And I hope those oatmeal cookies didn't have any raisins in them or you'll have more trouble on your hands. But you probably already know that raisins are toxic to dogs, don't you.

All appendages crossed for our always, you are all in my prayers.
Stay safe and stay warm!

I'll be keeping Evelyn and Penny in my thoughts and prayers and I look forward to reading that everything will be alright with both of them.

Please give them a big hug for me.

I am so sorry to hear of Evelyn & Pennys health concerns. The picture of Evelyn shocked me as I remember her being so much heavier 2 summers ago. But she sure could move when a tennis ball was thrown!I will keep both dear girls in my prayers for a favourable outcome on those tests!

They are in my prayers tonight. I hope all goes well with both of them.

Poor babies! I shall keep my fingers crossed for both of them.

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