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January 19, 2009


You need to come to New Zealand. Aldara is fully funded by the government here, lol. I have seen it work fantastically on skin cancers so here's hoping it works well on Beaver.

Have you tried collodial silver?? It is like a super bug and fungus killer, like an antibiotic but all natural. It's super cheap and worth a try for the infections anyway.

I thought Beaver and Rooster were so very close they couldn't be separated! How is Beaver doing now that Rooster is gone? Does he have another horse to be pals with?

How is this big guy doing?

Beaver I hope this works and Steve and Alayne you continue to amaze us. God bless all of you at the RDR.

I a praying for Beaver's health, even as I am crying over the loss of Rooster. I didn't know, and I just fell in love with these two brothers; as someone else wrote, I also have a special fondness for draft horses, having been around two of them on my grandparents' farm. As a matter of fact, I actually awoke this morning thinking about Beaver and Rooster; don't know why, as I wasn't prepared for this news about them. And like others mentioned, please let us know how Beaver has been getting along without his beloved brother.

Steve and Alayne ......

The lengths that you go to for the sake of your beloved animal family,motivate me to contribute in my small way whenever I can.

My strongest vibes are heading westward for Beaver ~

I, too, enjoyed the story of Beaver and Rooster's refusal to be separated. Soooo sorry to hear about Rooster.
That sarcoid looks painful and nasty....hope that belly belt arrives real soon and that the medication works!

Another great product is Spirulina Wafers by Springtime. These have an immune stimulant with antibiotic properties, among others. It also promotes tissue repair and reduces inflammation and lots of other things. These might help Beaver also. I use their products with my dogs and have great success with them.

Beaver, we are channelling all our best karma to you. You are in the BEST of hands and look to be a fine, brave patient. We so hope the ALDARA is magical for You.

Best wishes for Beaver. I'm so sorry to hear of Rooster's passing. They are such beautiful animals and it seemed they were very attached to one another. I sure hope Beaver is able to live the life his friend could not. Best wishes to him and all of you.

I do hope Beaver finds relief from his tumor and yes, much success in the belly band. I can see how this tumor would rub on many things so hopefully the belt will alleviate that issue.

I am truly sorry to hear of Rooster's passing. I read your blog regularly and perhaps I missed that entry.
Rooster and Beaver hold a specialness for me which won't change.

I read something recently which I hope helps sooth your loss.

"When the body completely falls away, all that's left is love."

I see Rooster as a complete source of love; energy and memories.

I wish Beaver well & I hope that expensive medicine does the job for him. That sarcoid looks very uncomfortable. Poor thing!

That's one nasty looking growth...I, too, am a little skeptical about the new med, but anything is worth a shot to help this poor fella out. Good luck!

Please be careful and watchful with the Aldara. I am using it for a plantar wart and am experiencing side effects. Google it to see the problems People have had with it. It specifically says not to apply to open wounds.

I don't know anything about horses but my sister's pony had something similar on her belly last summer. I treated it with colloidal silver, bee propolis and calendula ointment topically along with anti-biotics. It had started to heal with the natural products and the anti-biotics prevented any infection.

I'm so sorry Beaver is suffering with that sarcoid. I know you have every confidence in your vet, but I was wondering if you've heard of a product called "Medihoney"? It works wonders on open wounds with infections. Doctors have found great success with it in treating burns and wounds of soldiers in Iraq. My Mother is a diabetic patient who had an open foot sore which nothing else seemed to heal, and it helped her immensely. It may be worth looking into if the Aldara is not effective. Every little bit helps when your animal is suffering. My prayers go out to Beaver (and you too). Please keep up posted on his progress.

Draft horses are a special favorite of mine, and I am especially sorry to hear about Rooster's passing. I so enjoyed the story about Beaver and Rooster's refusal to be separated at the livestock auction - even with all those experienced wranglers on hand. How is Beaver coping with the loss of his brother?

I wish him (and you) all the best. That sarcoid looks NASTY!

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