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January 04, 2009


I too missed the blog! Hoping for a wonderful 2009! Glad to see everyone enjoyed their presents.

Ditto! I also checked in during the holidays, just in case I might have missed something. So glad all is back to "normal." :o)

Logging on to say I'm so glad I wasn't the only one checking the blog over the holidays! I checked comments though, thinking they'd get posted even though we were on a blog holiday. Y'all's comments are often as good as Steve's stories. You guys rock!

Here's to 09 and lots of funny, happy blog entries (and comments!)

Oh and Alayne? thank you for the nice letter acknowleding my small donation to the animals. That's a nice touch.

I am in agreement with everyone. I, too, missed all you & was so excited today when I saw a new post. I hope the holidays were good to everyone & you all have a blessed & healthy 2009! I love the wonderful pictures of the anticipation of what the glorious box holds! Goldie is hilarious "scoring" the first toy! Widget needs to work out a deal with Goldie to help out the height-challenged pooches.

Happy New Year! Glad to be connecting again with the Ranch!

At least this year Goldie didn't have to chew a Goldie's head sized hole in the box. You started it for her. I'm surprised Widget was there since she couldn't eat the new toys. Callie is just the eternal optimist, something good is bound to happen. I checked the blog from time to time over the holidays also.

I am also guilty of checking more than once to see if I had missed
a post! I felt like the old Target commercial- OPEN, OPEN OPEN!:)waiting for yet another
wonderful segment.

Ditto what Jamie said!
I love seeing the photos of Goldie opening the goodie box! Tobias, my greythound, loves to open his wrapped gifts, but somehow knows to leave the other wrapped gifts alone.
I guess Widget & Callie need little ramps to get up to the box top opening, or maybe some nice opposible thumb person could tear down those high sides. Help out the short leggers!
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Dear Alayne & Steve, I, too, have missed your posts (reading your blog has become a cherished "morning ritual" for me:-)).

Thanks for the sweet photos and have a fantastic 2009!

Happy New Year! Welcome back to blogging! Missed all of your wonderful stories of life on RDR! Wishing you all of the best in 2009!

Have fun with the toys and a wonderful new year!
Julien and Alix the humans
Verdell the rescue dog
Melvin the rescue cat

And who amongst us doesn't know that dogs KNOW and love Christmas, and special treats no matter what the reason!

Celebrate every day! Carpe diem Goldie & crew, :)

Happy New Year all!

Yay! I've missed your blogs over the break. :D

Woo-hoo the blog is back! I've missed catching up with RDR rascals. Please do a bog bit on Callie soon. Everytime I need a good laugh I go to YouTube to watch the video clip of her "playing dead".....what a crack-up!

Hurray! Return of the blog!

Happy New Year, Steve and Alayne. I've missed you (to the point of checking to see if you decided to post before today). Here's hoping that 2009 is the best year ever for you and RDR!

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