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December 07, 2008


Such adorable sun bathing beauties!! Enjoy the sun, girls!

Whoa! They're pretty glamorous for Ovando!

Tres chic! Do they like the new look? My brother's standard poodle always looks a bit embarrassed the first few days after a poodle cut - like she's got a bit more on "display" than she's comfortable with (!).

What a good picture, Fifth Avenue meets "wild" West ranch. Thank you for posting this.

What a couple of lovey ladies! They need to have Trooper sitting with them serving tea! Has any "friendship" developed between either one of them with Buddy & Jake or are they staying true to their boy, Trooper? Now, I know why Widget is winning the weight loss competition with Callie. Widget has the dogs that live in Widget's House pay up one treat a week to live there. And, with great restraint from eating it herself, she slips the treat to Callie! (of course, I bet a couple of the treats don't make it Callie's way though)

The girls are so sweet. They really do look like Southern Belles who should have whitle gloves on. Widget thinks everybody in Widget's House should kick back 50% of their meals and ALL their cookies as part of the naming rights.

Oh the girls look so lovely!!

Really surprise these two haven't been snapped up for adoption, but I guess it would have to be a 3-pack with Trooper.

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