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December 21, 2008


We are taking care of four little feral cats, although they all have been named and "Sugar" likes pets and loves now.

My husband and I purchased two little "houses" and heating pads, plus a heated water dish to keep everyone comfortable and safe this winter (on our back porch).

Needless to say, the "houses" are a big hit and each will keep two to three kitties quote cozy. And "Mom and Dad" can sleep without worry.

Adorable! I have 3 cats, they would never, ever cuddle that close.

Thanks for that precious picture, Steve. It does my heart good, as we just had to put a very special stray kitty that we had adopted to sleep on Friday night -- our hearts are hurting pretty badly now, but knowing that we did the right thing and he is no longer suffering -- he brought us much joy. Merry Christmas to you and Alyane and all of God's special creatures that you so loving take care of.

The colour-arrangement in the cats is nice too! And they are right, they look muuuuch better on this light pad than on the circus-coloured one behind them ;-)).
Great picture!

This is why some of us are so fascinated by cats. What exactly does on in their feline minds? Why, for instance, does a 10 lb cat think that a shoebox is a perfect fit? Why do my four cats sleep in a heap when the whole sofa is theirs for the taking? Who knows?

Great picture. I am beginning to think you could save yourself a lot of time if you would start carrying your camera with you as you do ALL your chores! That seems to be when you get your best pictures!

Happy Holidays!

I think they are just dreaming of sardines, :). Great picture. Comfort and joy to you all!

You should be ashamed. What happens when Alayne finds out you've been hanging out in cat houses?
Looks like lumps of coal in your stocking this Christmas.
In all seriousness, best wishes this holiday season to you and Alayne. For all you do, you shall surely be blessed.

They look so warm & cuddly. I love how kitties will find a way to get into the smallest space imaginable. And, of course, seek out the warmest spot too!

That's SO cute! My cat Sweetpea does the same thing. Now that the weather has turned colder, she always sleeps right in front of the heat register! :)

Oh, how cute!!!!

That is so cute! I have 4 cats who would never snuggle together like that...wish they would - it's so sweet.

Someone ought to make a jigsaw puzzle out of that cat combo. :) I was just thinking about Tibby & Fibby, so it's good to see they're well and happy. I don't remember Mink, however. Is s/he a new addition?

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