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November 13, 2008


Seeing this was certainly different; I had a good Steve's writing, Callie, not at your adorable expense. : )

I'm sure the perfect sleeping spot was found shortly after; that crawl in and exploration was probably exhausting!

Isn't is wonderful when you can capture those "once in a lifetime" moments? Callie won't do that again, what if Alayne wasn't around next time??

There is a picture in my head that I wish I could show you all but I can only describe it... some years ago I had two cats, one was a real 'box-fanatic', every box, bag or carton he would climb in and take a nap in. Never mind, nothing special, but I did see the "once in a lifetime" check that the OTHER cat did one afternoon. He got in a box with a determined look on his face, to once-and-for-all really check out if he was missing out on something here. So he sat there, looked around if that was all and my, was it boring...he got out and he never, ever did it again!

One thing about it, you never have a dull moment at RDR. Way to go Callie, even if it wasn't a bed. Love to all at RDR.

Thanks for helping her preserve her dignity Alayne!


Aw, not so long ago our Rosie who can see oopsed and peed in the toy box .. all over Gus's toys .. I am sure HE thinks it was on purpose... I know the error was due to someone shutting the bathroom door so she couldnt get to her litter box

Oh, little Callie. I just love her & I can imagine she thought exactly what you said. Dang, how did I do this? As she walked away she was also thinking, I'm so glad I've got Alayne to help me out of that silly perdicament, now where is the real thing, I'm 5 min late for my evening nap!

Not to worry, Callie. We all make mistakes.....we just don't have Steve taking photos of us & posting them on the blog for all to see. (But then I'm not cute like you are, either!)
Hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

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