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November 07, 2008


What beautiful dogs and their color is so brilliant. Red tape is always discouraging. I'm so glad they finally made it to the ranch. Cute boys and so lucky to have been rescued. What a neat Christmas gift being saved by the skin of their teeth.

It is so fantastic that that this story has such a positive ending! Now, what can we do about the 'public' servants that blatantly tuned out requests aimed at saving these two wonderful creatures? What can be done to ensure this does not happen to another in their questionable care?

This was such a happy ending. Unfortunately for many other dogs, the ending is NOT a happy one. Perhaps you should post the name of the kown hoarder so others will not make the same mistake?

What an amazing RESCUE!! These two are so lucky and it makes me sick to think what might have been--I'm thrilled it turned out so good for Buddy and Jake but can't help to think of the ones who are not so lucky and how you had to get attorney's involved before you really saw results. I'll continue to focus on the positive because there are two more precious pups saved today.

A great story about compassion & persistence. If only every dog could be the recipient of such care.

WOW! I love getting your newsletter.

I live in Arizona, but wish I could live in Montana, Idaho, etc have a huge property and do what you do. I love animals

Also, KUDOS to the attorneys, it is nice when they use their God given talent for something so good and worthwhile!!!

God Bless,

What a beautiful pair of loving, sweet dogs. It's amazing how they are so loving after all they have been through. The great thing about animals is they do not hold grudges! Thank you so much to all of you that stepped up & fought for these guys & were their voices. Thank you for your dedication & determination to get these guys to RDR. Thank you for the love & care they are finally going to receive after all the disappointments on a long journey. The people involved in this that didn't seem to care should be ashamed of themselves. It breaks my heart to think of the callous treatment other animals that are currently in their so called care may be receiving.
Welcome Home, Jake & Buddy!

Welcome to Montana; Buddy, Jade and MIKE!

What an intense and emotional rescue; I'm so glad Buddy and Jake made it "home" safely.

It's hard for me to be completely laid back about the lack of communication you received from Nashville's animal control - shame of them!!

Simone and Greg....thank you for your compassionate and successful efforts to save these two sweet dogs! Keep up the good work!!

Thank you for your persistence. I know Jake & Buddy will thrive under your care. You are truly doing God's work!

What an incredible rescue story!! Thanks to all those compassionate and caring people who got involved...especially to Steve and Simone, for never giving up on these two handsome furry boys. Buddy and Jake, you are safe and will be loved forever!!

Thank you so much for your persistance on saving these two special boys. They are so lucky to have you. Thanks for all you do.

What an incredible rescue story! The best part is that you guys did NOT GIVE UP on Buddy and Jake. Way to go Rolling Dog Ranch!!! As someone who's passionate about disabled animals, I'm definitely going to look up Odie's Fund. I'm so glad they support the fantastic work you do... Also, it's neat to hear that your brother Mike has relocated to Montana (from Florida of all places!) and is assisting with the cause. You are all AMAZING!

I'm sending cyber hugs to all that made the rescue of Buddy & Jake possible! I'm so relieved that they are now in Montana on their way to RDR! I cringe to think of all the other animals that have no voices to fight for them.
Buddy & Jake, you two have had a very tragic experiences, but I'm so glad that you've made it to heaven on earth! Now you'll both live like kings!
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

A great big thank you to all of you who worked so hard to get these adorable boys to a safe and loving home! Just another RDR miracle! You are the best!

Welcome home Buddy and Jake!!No more worries, you are safe and loved. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone involved in making sure Buddy and Jake's story had a happy ending. You're the best!!

Wow what a story. You are truly amazing people.Thank you for all you do.

What handsome, handsome boys! In the last photo they look like mirror images :-)

And what a harrowing story! So glad to know they're safe now. I agree with Linda, I don't think the boys will be there too long before someone adopts them!

May God bless each and every person involved in the rescue of these two beautiful hounds!

Great story and I'm so glad you have them safe and sound. They sure are lookers - hmmmm, maybe you won't have them around too very long!!

Thank you for not giving up on these two dogs. The state of North Carolina allows the use of gas to euthanize animals, it's a horrific death and some of the animals don't even die the first time around. I'm happy to hear these dogs will never have to worry about this ever again, and will have a wonderful life. A job more than well done!!!

Wow! What an amazing story. A huge thank you to all those involved in beating the odds and bringing Buddy and Jake home. Welcome to RDR boys, your worries are over. :)

I am so glad these dogs are now at the ranch and can enjoy a full, happy life.

I am just sick over the fact that Ms. Ladebauche was counter productive in getting the dogs to safety. I googled her name and saw plenty of news reports where she has done good things, but this just puzzles me as to why she and her agency chose to ignore your pleas to help. I would like think the city officials would be interested in hearing about this but with the economy the way it is, I am sure they are more worried about balancing budgets...

I am so grateful they made it! I know what must have been going through your head while no one returned your calls - that they had already been euthanized.

Those 2 sure won the lottery big-time!! I am so happy for them and grateful for your persistence.

Stay warm! Those photos show winter has definitely arrive for you - still in the 70s here in sunny Phoenix!


Wow, what beautiful guys. And what a story.

Let's hear it for everyone involved who acted in the interest of the dogs! Yay!

(and for the folks at at the shelters in NC and TN who didn't - Boooo, and shame on you.)


Your dedication to making sure that these boys made to the RDR is heartwarming to say the least. Thank you for not giving up on them.

I so admire your hard work, dedication, and incredible persistence. Buddy and Jake will benefit from your efforts in a truly wonderful way. Many blessings to all who made their happy ending possible.

What gorgeous boys and what a tale!

Thanks so much to everyone for your dedication in getting these two lovebugs out of such horrific circumstances. They're beautiful boys. Thanks again for bringing them home.

Thank Heavens for everyone who actually did something productive to help these boys, and shame on those who did not. Thank you, Steve and Simone, for your diligence... to the network of attorneys who stepped-up and did such a wonderful thing... and to Crossroads for their loving care to make sure the boys reached Montana safely.

Enjoy them while you have them, Steve and Alayne, because I have a feeling someone will want to adopt them before too long!

Thank you for your dedication to these animals.

So glad to hear there were so many determined people who fought for the lives of these dogs. Your story also reminds me of the thousands that are lost every year in shelters. I remind myself often that we are all making a difference. I look forward to hearing more about these guys!! Thanks RDR!!!!

I'm so glad they had each other thru this journey. Won't they be happy when they finally get to their destination at Rolling Dog Ranch ??!! I love a happy ending :-)

I live in North Carolina and I'm horrified that the humane society did not follow through on their promise and offered no assistance in contacting the authorities to let them know these two boys had a home. Or if they did, not letting Simone know that they had no luck. I would love to email the rescue group and let them know how I feel about this. I know it's resolved, thankfully, but I'm afraid for the other animals that might be treated in this way or get sent to another "foster"/hoarder.

Funny how the minute a lawyer gets involved, suddenly everyone's available to talk. Anyway, I'm so glad these boys are at the ranch. That was wonderful of you, Simone and the lawyers to work so hard to get them there. As they say in the south, "Git R Done!"

Absolutely amazing!! You are all heroic to say the least! What a fabulous ending to a terrible story. This is why you are my favorite rescue...

Thank you for your continued efforts to bring these dogs to the ranch and for not giving up on them. You, are yet again, an angel!

To Simone and everyone else who made this possible...THANK YOU!

To Buddy and Jake...Welcome. You will love it at RDR! What handsome boys you are!

Two more hound dogs for Priscilla and Molly to love -- looks to me like Trooper might have some real competition.

What a heartbreaking ordeal! Just glad it ended on a wonderful note.Thank you for your efforts and determination these guys are FINALLY where they need to be!

Wow! Great story. Pat on the back to everybody involved in their rescue. You're all awesome folks.

God bless all of you who wouldn't give up on saving these 2 very handsome boys. I weep to think of the treatment they (and all the other dogs involved in the case) had gone through. They have most certainly earned their reward of the life they will have at the ranch.

"The Incredible Journey" revisited !

A wonderful conclusion to what must have been a very frustrating saga !
Buddy and Jake are stunning looking dogs and, oh, WHAT happiness to come !:)

Bless you, Steve and Alayne

These boys are so lucky that you and Simone cared so much and were so persistent in your quest to save them. This story could have had a sad ending. Instead, Buddy and Jake will now have a wonderful life at the ranch which they will share with other doggie friends. Thank you so much for what you do.

What a harrowing adventure...thank you more than words can say for working so hard to save them. They are absolutely gorgeous!

Steve, what a wonderful story, what lucky, lucky dogs. As always the best way to start a morning. Hugs to the everyone!

My Lord, what a tale! Thanks to all who helped get these handsome boys to the Ranch.

wow!when Steve mentioned i should pour myself a cup of coffee i did!this story brought tears to my eyes. these boys have come a long way! its so wonderful to know that FINALLY they are home! Thank you Steve for giving them a chance for a new life and thank you too Simone and also the lawyers who helped!Hugs to all at RDR!

Wow, sounds like the script to a movie - had me on the edge of my seat. I'm so glad this drama has a happy ending (beginning?) for Buddy and Jake. What a story they'll have to tell their new friends at RDR!!
Thank you very much to all the good guys who helped save them.

What an incredible odyssey! I'm so relieved to hear that Jake and Buddy are at long last safe and in such great hands!

God bless you and all the lawyers who made this double rescue possible.

Please keep us posted about these two handsome guys.

What an amazing story for these boys, their guardian angels must be exhausted by now! Great that they are with you and so many people helping out.

Now the other part of it, WHY would an animal society stop answering calls when the dogs are still alive? And then...30 to 50....SIX days a week? That makes me so sad.

Oh my goodness. I feel sick reading the story of Buddy and Jake. I am so glad they are now safe. What beautiful boys. Thank you to everyone who was involved in getting them safely to Montana. Can't wait to see them settle in.

Thank the Lord and all those who helped save these precious boys from certain death......and blessings to you and Alayne, as always for opening up your hearts and home to them.

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