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November 18, 2008


Great news! Goldie has such a sweet face.

Yeah! Goldie!!!!!!!!

LIVESTRONG Goldie! You are blessed with a great attitude and wonderful care. Definitely sounds like an equation for success to me. You are a survivor.

After watching the terrible toll of chemo on my loved ones, I confess to lots of trepidation back when you said you were going to start Goldie on it. Too often chemo ruins the quality of the all-too-short life left for cancer sufferers, and fails anyway. But I have faith in your judgment and and your remarkable vets. Thank goodness you made the right call. Goldie continued to enjoy life during treatment and now will have much more of it to enjoy. Steve and Alayne and Dr. Dave, you're wise, compassionate stewards of RDR's wonderful critters.

Atta girl Goldie, congratulations!!!

That's great news for Goldie!

Although she'll miss her weekly treatments with the good doctor; I'm happy she's feeling well.

Glad to see sh'es doing well. Love Margaret the star. How's Twist I never see him?

Fingers, toes and even eyes crossed here for sweet Goldie that this chemo therapy does it's job.

Terrific news! Three cheers for Goldie!

Thanks for the update, Steve.

We love you Goldie!!! You are strong and sweet!

Hooray for Goldie!! Here's wishing you many many more squeaky toys to de-squeak, and many more golden days at RDR. You truly are gold, girl.
Thank you for taking such good care of her.
And thanks too for yesterday's great blog - maybe Margaret should be promoted from weed control to PR manager of RDR!

I just found out that my 5 yr. old Border Collie mix has cancer.He's been fighting sinus issues for a yr. and was diagnosed last week. He had a tumor a little bigger than a nickel removed from his sinus cavity on Friday. He came home today and you wouldn't know there is a thing wrong with him. Chemo and radiation are not options for us, or even available in our area so we are praying that the surgery got it all and it hasn't metastisized. So from one cancer pup owner to another and from Jonah to Goldie, stay positive and pray for the best!

Woo-Hoo! Wonderful, wonderful news. Congratulations on winning the fight! Goldie, you are the hero for being so brave! I am thrilled for all of you!

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