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November 20, 2008


Not many animals enjoy the sunshine like Granny; she's a good example of appreciating the simple things in life, like sunshine on your face.

That is so precious! Sweet little angel. That just warms my heart looking at her enjoying the sunshine. :)

This is so heartwarming, especially as noted, that she had spent "most of her life living in a garage in California". Simple pleasures. What a sweetheart!

She is truly in her own little slice of heaven. I'm so happy that she will be able to spend the rest of her life at the ranch.

Sunshine and love what more could a girl want. I hope you have a sunlamp for winter months.

What an absolute sweet photo! Reminds us to all take a moment to enjoy the sun, huh? I love the shadow cast behind her also.
a.k.a. Frankie's mom

She soooo deserved to find a home at RDR. She is beautiful!!!

She is enjoying the warmth of the sun and the crisp fall air. She has the look of pure contentment and who wouldn't after being kept in the garage!! You enjoy every bit of it granny. You deserve it!!!

So glad to see she is enjoying life. What a sweetie.

I am so happy to see this little old lady having some happiness in her life. What a love!

Sweet Granny, loving life.

What a great picture! Did she have her sun block on? Thank you for all that you two do for these animals.

What a sweet, sweet portrait of precious Duchess/Granny! It just melts my heart...

Every time I see a picture of Duchess, I wish I were at RDR, so that I could hold her tight and cuddle with her! I'm so glad she can spend her last years in such a wonderful place, free to worship the sun every chance she gets!:-)

After living in a garage most of her life...I cannot help but shed a tear looking at this picture of joy and last.

Dear, little Granny, you look precious as you sunbathe. Soak up all the sun you can to make up for those years in the garage, lovey.

Thanks for the reminder that life can be that simple, and that great contentment can come from things we take for granted.

So glad to see that Duchess is enjoying the sun...making up for the time spent in the garage. She looks so precious and adorable!!!!

She is absolutely precious. I love her sunbathing pose...great picture!

Smart Granny!

Hummmmm!!! Daily meditation! She is so cute & sweet! My heart leaps with joy when I see a picture of her basking in the sunshine & enjoying it so much after so many years of being locked away from it. Thank you for changing her life & giving her such an awesome pleasure!

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