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November 30, 2008


I am so happy that Widget is ok!!
Thank you for the lesson on the sugarless gun ingredients that are so harmful to pets. I never would have known. Best of the holiday season to all of you!

Widget, you rock and so do your owners. God Bless all the loving hands that took care of you during that horrible experience. The vet to Steve and Alayne, what heroes!!

I am so glad Widget is up and eating again.

Best to all, Floey Malae

Wow...what a scary experience!

Thank goodness Alayne remembered reading about xylitol and saw Widget right after she ate the gum. Luck and good hearing were on your side!

Jennifer, you are an angel!!
Thank you for putting your whole self; whole time; whole education into healing Widget.


I am so glad that Widget is ok! Thanks and hugs to Dr. Jennifer for her dedication to her charges. This was a Thanksgiving made more meaningful by Dr. Jennifer's unselfish act. Give lots of hugs to that rascal you call Widget.

I am thankful Widget made it. I am ever so thankful she has you and the wonderful caring Dr Jennifer. Vets rock!

Dear Steve & Alayne, Once again, your keen observation, quick thinking, and positive action saved another precious life. So many times you've recognized a serious problem when other people (even the most conscientious pet lovers) might have shrugged it off or taken a wait-&-see attitude. "Ever vigilant" is your watch word and Widget is happily dozing today b/c of you. And thanks also to the devoted, selfless Dr. Jennifer who sacrificed her holiday so Widget might enjoy hers. Bless you all!

This will be a Thanksgiving you won't forget. Thank God Winget is ok. That's really something to be thankful for. Give her a big hug. She sure was enjoying that dinner. God Bless You All at RDR.

Thank you for the great info & I'm so glad that with quick reactions, Widget survived!
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Jennifer, if you're reading this, God bless you and your entire staff. Thanks for saving Widget.

Sooooo glad to hear that Widget is going to be OK. Thanks, Steve, for educating us dog lovers re: the dangers of sugarless chewing gum. Thanks, Dr. Jennifer for your expertise and dedication.

What a scare! Glad it turned out OK in the end. Thank you for alerting us to this danger. I knew about chocolate, onions, etc., but had no idea about this one. I'll be on the watch for it now.

The napkin is for dessert, of course!

My favorite part of this blog entry (other than the recovery of course) ???...........

Widget's belated Thanksgiving dinner was served with a napkin.

I'm smiling thru tears yet again :-)

WOW. Not that you needed this ordeal to be thankful... Sooooo glad for the happy ending!!! You and Alayne deserve bigtime kudos, too, for recognizing the potential peril and jumping to immediate action, along with Dr. Rockwell.

Thank you for educating us all from this scary lesson! That is a very special Thanksgiving dinner for Widget and you all.

What would the world be without little Widget! I am so glad to hear that she is OK. Mine too, is a "miner." Just last night, when I picked her up from the kennel, she was routing around in the cupholders for gum wrappers. I knew about Xylitol. This makes me realize that we should not take any chances. I am so glad that you were able to rush her for help. You have great vets!

Dear Widget,

What a nasty shock for everyone! Well done to Alayne and Steve to make us focus on this hazard. You are one tough little dog.

Thank goodness Widget is ok!! I just heard about xylitol when I was at the vet's for Levi's check up. How ironic that this is what almost got Widget! HUGH Thanks to Dr. Rockwell!! We are truly blessed to have vets that go the extra mile for our four legged loved ones.

Never knew that about sugarless gum. Thank God Widget is good!

Wiget is such a Party Beagle. She is always looking for something to snack on. Unfortunately it came back to haunt her this time. So glad to hear she has bounced back. Party Beagles everywhere say well it was a calculated risk. It might be poison but it is people food and thus has to taste good. Lets that a chance! Take care Wiget, you are one cute (and slim) beagle.

Oh my, what a dreadful scare! I'm so relieved to hear that Widget has recovered from her ordeal.

I had no idea xylitol is poison to dogs. Thanks for the warning and all the information, Steve.

Please give Widget a huge hug (hope she stays out of your closet from now on:-)).

I almost forgot: Dr. Jennifer Rockwell is truly an angel!

Thanks be to God! My heart skipped a beat when I read the headline. But, then when I read it was Widget I was almost in tears. I am sorry your holiday was so scary & I am so grateful you all had the amazing outcome & little Widget is home with you again. Many thanks to Dr. Jennifer Rockwell for her amazing dedication & superior knowledge in handling this case. The information is appreciated as I have never heard of this before. I have heard of other things but not this one. I will definitely send this to my vet & to friends who share their homes with dogs.

Oh Widget! Such a scare you gave Momma and Poppa. We are all thankful to Dr Rockwell for pulling you through this. Widget, you must have some cat in you - it seems you have 9 lives. Now stop using them up, sweet girl! Woo woo woo!

Hi There,

I also follow a blog written by a veterinarian in Miami. She actually posted her third post about the harm of xylitol to dogs just today. You can find the article here

What is more scary is that xylitol is found in substances designed for canine consumption, as Dr Khuly points out in this post, Rescue Remedy.

Thank goodness Widget is ok.

And thank you for spreading this important information.


Wow. I assume this applies to cats too? Who knew? And may I add -- as someone who knows Dr. Jennifer Rockwell (she treats my cats) -- she is a fantastic person and a dedicated vet with a big heart. Is there a way blog readers can send a "thank you" to her too?

This was news to me. Thank heaven for everyone who saved Widget! You're heroes.

WOW!! What a series of events!! Thank you for the info for everyone! Always thinking of my Montana friends!!

Much to be thankful for this weekend. Thank you Dr. Jennifer! A happy ending--thank God!!!!

I'm so glad the story has a happy ending. You've done a great service by posting the details of this frightening experience and the links to more information. I'd never heard of any complications related to xylitol, human or otherwise. Thank you.

Way too much excitement for the holiday weekend. I, too, had heard about xylitol and dogs and liver failure. Many humane organizations post lists of ingredients and items that are toxic to dogs (and cats), like chocolate and most indoor plants. But no matter how vigilant you are, no matter how hard you try, they always seem to find the thing that's just no good for them. I'm so glad your story had a happy ending and, once again, that you have such wonderful vet care. Now, sit back and have a beer and keep it away from the dogs!

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