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November 17, 2008


Margaret could definitely be of help to the White House grounds keepers. And the FBI, CIA, etc., would find her a superb paper shredder.
Yes, I think Margaret has a real career ahead of her!

PS A comment to Thom at K-9 Pals -there is NO WAY Barack will not come through!!


Oh my gosh! I love it! And I also love the idea of the poodle girls at the White House!


Margaret! You are darling!! I think you are going to be in news & in the movies!

Margaret, go girl!!! Has CNN called you for their story?! You are one cute goat!!!

this is very very cool! i love margaret!
yay go-ats!! (i hope the doxie/beagle bunch don't get wind of this! it might really get their goat!)

Awesome PR for RDR. Way to go you guys.
Margaret Rocks!!!

WOO HOO! Way to go girl! You've hit the big time!!

Margaret... YOU GO GIRL! Way to advocate with dignity. Lobbyists could take a lesson (and I say that as a bi-partisan policy analyst for a State legislature...)

Way to go Margaret!! This a great story, I do hope the Obama's see it. Maybe Margaret can be the offical Whitehouse mascot. Kisses to you Margaret.

With that cute face and can-do attitude, I think Margaret might just start packing her suitcase.

This is hilarious !! I love it.

You and the reporter have gently yet clearly advocated for all the homeless dogs we have in the country. Great job steering the conversation that way.

Way to go Steve!

As a volunteer at a dog shelter in Santa Barbara, CA, I'm thrilled that in the Roll Call article you emphasized (several times) that the Obamas want and should adopt a shelter dog. It helps to inform the public that this is the preferred option when getting a pet. I just hope Barack comes through and sets such a positive example.

Oh, and I am very smitten with Margaret.

What a great story! I can see a movie in the making, "Miss Margaret Goes to Washington".

(P.S. I was contacted by a certain Mr. Trooper who is very concerned that his two girlfriends are being offered to the White House.)

Dear Steve and Alayne,
Although I love this blog and greatly admire all the work you two do, the posts on Margaret have been a couple of the best I have read all year on the world wide web. She is simply a gem and like many others, I have sent her posts to many friends. Glad to see Margaret continues to shine and spread joy to many more...what's next, The Daily Show?, Colbert Report?....

Laughing here!!! Margaret's pix in the Roll Call is "priceless!!"


What a hoot!! You know you could never give up Margaret, lol!! How wonderful for you all to get such positive national attention...a great article....I vote "yes" for goats in the White House!!

Way to go, Margaret! The next step will be the cover of Time Magazine (as "goat of the year" of course:-))!

I agree with Jamie, "fabulous visibility for RDR".

Thank you!!! After the Monday I just had at work, I needed a good laugh! I can just see Margaret jumping up on the presidential table during a state dinner!

Margaret has a blackberry too? what do ya know... so do luke and rudy! Luke knows all about PR if Margaret needs someone to represent her.

Great press secretary--Steve!

Steve and Alayne,

I live near D.C. If Margaret came to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, rest assured that I would be a regular fixture at the fence -- just hoping for a glimpse. What fabulous visibility for RDR.

I sense a new Cabinet position opening up! Secretary of Goat Happiness.

I just sent this blog post to CNN in hopes that they pick up this story. Margaret called me and asked me to.

I think Margaret would enjoy the White House for a while, but she would miss "her" Steve too much. What a great article and wonderful way to bring attention to RDR and all the deserving animals in shelters/rescues that need loving, forever homes.

Way to go Margaret and Steve! You make a great team! Maybe Obama will create a special position for the two of you on his team.

Uh-oh, all it's gonna take is one of the Obama girls to see this picture of beautiful Margaret & she may be on her way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Maybe FOX News will call & Margaret can say she was interviewed by a FOX!

Give that sweet goat a big hug and a kiss. Her publicist, Steve-at-the-ranch, would probably have to go to D.C. with her after CNN calls and wants an interview. Don't fret, Margaret, they'll be calling any minute now. Have your Blackberry handy.

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