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November 23, 2008


The other day I went out and bought my dog and my 2 cats each a new bed for an early Christmas present,
Well my dog decided that he liked the cat bed, so both my cats now have 1 cat bad to share. They refused to sleep on the dog bed ::PP

Somewhere in my vast collection of cat photos (why is it I have none of friends and family?), I have several photos of cats in shoeboxes. Kittens fit nicely into those small boxes; cats do not. One, in particular, looks like a loaf of bread that has set too long. Not only is it spilling over the top, the sides of the pan have bulged.

What a great ending.

Jasmine, our 11-pound miniature dachshund, stayed at a friend's house last Christmas. Instead of sleeping in her own fluffy bed, she chose the ridiculously LARGE bed in the family room. Of course, this was partly an alpha-dog play--the resident dog was mellow and a bit submissive. The image of her, a tiny spec in this huge bed, is so precious...unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of it!

I love his new name! It fits him perfect. Arnold & Little Joe look so content together. Thank you for keeping us updated on his wonderful new home! Tickles me so much that the big dogs think they are really little dogs!

Simply melts my heart. Perfectly wonderful, sweet success. So glad for special buddies in addition to a loving forever home!

Wonderful pictures! Little Joe hit the jackpot! I think dogs like to curl up in little balls in little places - especially, of course, when it's cold. I call my female "doodle-bug" when I see her like that.

While looking at those two photos I could feel my heart swell. Little Joe has his toy and his best bud and life is good. Perfection.

What a precious picture of him with his new companion! I love seeing great things happen to these wonderful creatures. Thanks to his new family for sharing this with us.
Hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias, & Tlingit

What a lovely picture of peace and contentment.

Awww...great always, keep up the good work!

"Little Joe" is a perfect name for him. He did the same thing when he was in Afghanistan...found a little friend and often put his head on her body to rest. I see he found another little friend. He looks so healthy and beautiful! Thank you for taking good care of him and thank you new parents for giving him the best home ever.

So much good news on the blog lately--love it!!

Little Joe has a minion!!! Sweet!

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