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November 02, 2008


I am a fairly new fan of this website and I have been reading the blog entries from the beginning in an effort to catch up on all the animals. Travis is one of my favorites. There is an entry on Feb.21/07 about Travis' inability to pant and an entry on May 6/07 about his feeding tube coming out. Enjoy!

Both precious dogs look so relaxed with not a care in the world! This is the way life should be for all dogs....thanks for providing them with a second chance at enjoyment.

It's great to see Brody and Travis looking so happy and content. I'd been meaning to ask for a while how that rascal Travis is doing and if he had been on any adventures lately. He certainly is looking well - he's definitely put on a few pounds but looks all the better for it. Is he on a new diet?

i'll bet that morning sun feels good......

How peaceful they both look. It's wonderful to see both of these guys looking so good! That is my favorite time of day too & I would love to just lay on the porch soaking in the sunshine. I know animals love the sunshine as much as we do!

How does Travis regulate his body temperature if his mouth is shut, as he couldn't pant if his mouth remains shut? Ev

Both Travis and Brody are looking great, and so well cared for.... While I miss Travis' stylin' "clothes", he is looking so heathly, and would no longer appear to be skinny, as he arrived to RDR. Congratulations!

Due to the time change, my pets are enjoying the early morning sunshine as well.

What a treat to see Travis...and looking as handsome as ever!
I was thinking about him the other day, thanks for posting him. : )

Did Travis gain some weight since his feedng tube was removed? Maybe it's just a trick of the November sun shining on him.

Travis is looking spectacular! I notice he isn't wearing any of his outfits...has the feeding tube been removed???

How utterly serene these images are!

Thank you, Cindy & Steve, for sharing them with us and having us start our week feeling serene too.:-)

I love these two boys and the rarely get any blog time! Yea Brody and Travis--two very sweet boys!!!

They look like they are lovin' the sun. We need an update on Travis, how is he doing these days? He looks like he is getting plenty of groceries so he must be eating ok. Here is to hoping the bad weather holds off a bit longer so these guys can continue to soak up the sun.

When I opened your blog today and saw the picture of my FAVOURITE boydog, Travis(the little Dickens)along with Brody, my heart felt like it had sunshine smiling on IT! How great for the doggies to have their own little "place in the sun". A day with sunshine, even in the bitter cold of Fall/Winter, does wonders for the human spirit. I believe it must do the same for animals. I'm SO happy to see Travis! He looks so comfy, content, and like he's plotting out his next escapade of mischief. I just LOVE this dog! Thanks, Steve, for this great pic.

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