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October 29, 2008


How funny! Margaret is starting to adopt dog-like traits. And I'm so glad to see Widget. I haven't seen her on the blog for a while, I missed seeing that crazy little doxie/beagle.

LOL!!!! That is TOO much! You've "opened the door" so to speak, lots more tricks in store from Margaret!! What a funny blog Steve, your face is priceless! XXOO to Margaret and the gang! She's got to get her photo on the calender, she'll be hell to live with after that, but she sure is cute

Tim, my husband, can understand your love for Margarat, Steve. Suzie is his love, she had pneumonia when she came to us, she got to live in the house for 2 weeks! Tim would tuck her in to bed at night and faithfully get up to check on her during the night.....I don't even get this kind of care when I'm sick!!!!!

I <3 Margaret :)

These are THE BEST! I laughed and pulled everyone in my office over to my desk to see these....the funniest blog this year! I heart Widget and Margaret!!! : )

This was waaaayyyy tooooo funny!

Thanks for brightening up my day. I keep going back and rereading the blog and having a good laugh.

I too love the picture of you and Margaret staring straight at the camera. It's a shame you couldn't get one of her standing on the table, but I can imagine that mayhem must have broken out at that point.

What a priceless bunch of pics! The straight on pic of you & Margaret looking into the camera is the best! I'd rather see livestock LIVE in the house that on the plate! What fun & thanks Alayne for the great pics of your fun family for those of us that can't be there.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

OMG!! The expressions on your face Steve are priceless!! I was laughing so hard this morning. I needed that today. Margaret is just one of those goats that loves people!

And don't think we didn't notice that you were eating off of a paper plate! With all those critter bowls to wash and symmetrically stack, no wonder if you'd rather not have to wash human plates too.

I've been missing Widget - glad to see she's up to her usual tricks.

I was having a bad morning until I saw these hilarious pictures - now I really want a goat - although I have a feeling Margaret thinks she's really a dog. At least you don't have boring meals in your house - thanks for the laughs!

Well, that seems like the perfect day to me!

What a great story!
I (HEART) Margaret!

Yes, Mr. UPS is always like that at the ranch with more entertaining and enchanting antics to be seen every day. Stop on by anytime, you'll see!

You may even find yourself falling in love with a goat named Margaret, it happened to me.

What a great story! Thanks for making me laugh with the antics of that funny goat.

Ow my God I think that is the best photo you have ever posted. Widget had better watch out Margaret is moving in on the cuteness.

Steve, you've had some weird posts, but this one takes the cake. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!

PS: Yes, Alayne, we know you don't keep "livestock" in the house. Other than Steve, of course ;-)

To second Marla's comment, the photo with you and Margaret looking straight on is priceless. And isn't it funny how animals can mimic what other animals are doing? Your posts normally bring a smile to my face but this one will have me smiling for a while. That Margaret is a cutie. The animals at your ranch are all so fortunate. Enjoy the day.

This is classic. Next to--Hm-which ever doxie was the wind meter-this is great. I agree-put the blog into book form. I would be purchasing for several different places. Even my school-sigh-your furkids don't act a whole lot different than my students!

Priceless - the "portrait for posterity" is hilarious. I could not speak for a good while - laughing too much!!
After a morning spent tangled up in bureaucratic red tape, you (and the gang) just made my day - thanx.
Have a good weekend

Dear Alayne & Steve, these pictures had me in stitches!! I'd love to meet Margaret, she must be a great one!:-)

Thank you for sharing the good times.

Hi Steve, why the long face? There is as much on your plate in the last of the shots as in the first, hehe, so you were on time with shooing Margaret off!! And I don't know if I believe that all this was ONLY going on on your side...I think we might need a picture to prove Alayne wasn't buried in Doxies on her end ;-).

LOL--big time!! This is a GREAT blog and I'm still smiling!!

The photo of Margaret staring straight on at the camera is PRICELESS!

A classic post, Steve. I've said it before and I'll say it now: if you can collect your blog postings in book form, I'll buy a bunch to give out as gifts to my friends.


Never a dull moment at RDR, that's for sure. Good times are had by all.

Now, don't go blaming Mragaret for all these afternoon antics. It really isn't her fault, she's just the scapegoat.

I just love go-ats! If Montana weren't so far away, I'd steal her, posing as a UPS carrier. What's wrong with a go-at in the house? They are darn smart and creative little creatures. I'm surprised there was anything at all on your plate.

Your expressions are priceless!

Never a day goes by that isn't eventful & hilarious at your place! So tomorrow when Widget & the gang are not just singing for you to share your meal but standing on the table singing in unison you can only blame Margaret who I am sure has a few more tricks up her sleeve to share with the rest of the furry friends. Maybe Margaret is thinking about a part-time job & wants to deliver for UPS during their busy season. She was just networking with the delivery guys.

Today's post made my day! Thank you Steve and Alayne; hugs and kisses to everyone!

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