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October 21, 2008


Since 2004 I've been hitting this site almost daily--it give six bowls of food to a needy animal. It's also the same site for the above contest:

Just a quick note for all, you can sign up to have a daily reminder email sent so you remember to click everyday & then go vote for Rolling Dog Ranch! I also click for several other causes, breast cancer, literacy. There are about 7 sites that you can do a daily click to help fund different things. Great idea & it is free! I have been voting for RDR since the contest started, sure would be nice to see your name up there in the top 10.

I found the contest at the Animal Rescue Site a couple of weeks ago & saw you all were listed & voted. I try to go to that site as often as I can to click so a bowl of food can be donated. So now I have 2 very good reasons to go daily!

I voted, and for the rest of us non-Americans, the short form of Montana is MT. I'll admit to having to guess a couple of times before getting it right.
Good luck Steve and Alayne!

Done and done!

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