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October 22, 2008


Ya think a girl would want a pedicure & a new pair of shoes. Poor Rich! But I suppose Patches is thinking, I've been treated bad before so I'm gonna get the first shot in just in case. But, rest easy Patches, you are in safe hands for the rest of your life & just know you are being treated with love. I hope all went well with Goldie!

Sometimes a girls gotta show a little attitude and perhaps she found this a little amusing.

You're a strong guy, Rich!
Being a Farrier is hard work but very manly. ; )

The girl has an attitude, doesn't she? Well, considering how poorly humans were to her prior to rescue, she's a little entitled attitude, I suppose. Glad your farrier is willing to put up with her....LOL.

Owwww...come on, if someone offered you a crutch, wouldn't you lean on it? Besides, it is a nice triangle in that last shot! And yes, I do feel sorry for Rich, I have been on the receiving end of horse's shoulders and rear ends too, they are too heavy for a human back to carry ;-)

OOPS! Correction: I meant that *Patches* ought to behave. Cindy, I'm sorry!

Now, wouldn't you think Cindy would behave better than that, what with getting a pedicure *and* new shoes at the same time? ;)

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