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October 02, 2008


What a wonderful story. I enjoyed reading it. congrats to Kasha, she is such a wonderful and adorable pet. I am so glad she found a very loving family that would take care of her.

We saw a beautiful collie running loose. We already have three dogs or I would have picked her up. There was a ranch not too far down the road, maybe her home. Our last dog was left in the desert. He is very happy now.

If I had a property like that, my husband couldn't stop me from rescuing mutts left and right! Congrats to Kasha!

Such a wonderful home for Kasha. You do such wonderful work and as a dog lover I thank you for it. I think you would LOVE Barbara Techel's inspiring book about her own disabled dog, now confined to a wheelchair, "Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog." It's perfect as a read-aloud book for young children, as well as a book for older children. It helps introduce children to the concepts of pet illness and death, and still serves as inspiration at times of adversity (and don't we all have those)? Barbara tells the story of her beloved dachshund from Frankie's point of view. It's just wonderful.

Wow, what a wonderful home for Kasha! She has been blessed!

What a happy story! Kasha's smile tells the tale. She's one who has been there & back....a true survivor & look at what love & kindness can achieve.
Her forever home is beautiful & thanks for letting us see her new family.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

I love pictures like this! I'm so glad Kasha found a loving forever home. It seems like she is in doggy heaven, and she deserves nothing less! Thanks Cristene for giving this sweet girl a new place to play!

What a beautiful life Kasha has! I know about the small dog beds.. my 75 pound Weim keeps getting on the Papillion's bed, it has collapsed several times and each time Pearl looks at it like " it broke" !! Love to all of your critters. ! Please give old Roy a rub between the ears for me.

Hahaha, I scrolled back up to the names on the trip to see whether I could search for a Dachshund somewhere in that last picture. Nope, he would be on his own bed finally!
Wonderful happy pictures, I love her long tongue lolling out and her happy smile!

What great pictures! That big Idaho field does look like doggie paradise, doesn't it?

I'm so very happy that Kasha found such a great new family and is having tons of fun!

God bless them all (and you, of course, for rescuing Kasha and finding her such fabulous adopters).

Im so happy to see Kasha settled in her new home! Best wishes Kasha! we love you!

That is so inspiring! So wonderful that precious people that have hearts like you and Alayne are taking care of God's creatures!

Oh Kasha! I am so, so thrilled & happy for you. I got emotional reading this just knowing how wonderful your new home is & how much fun you're having with all the love, attention & wonderful new family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Cristene & Duane for making it all possible! Steve & Alayne what you did for Kasha before she went to her forever home gave her a secure heart to be able to adjust so easily. Thank you for always being there.

This is soooo wonderful! Oh my gosh their property looks fantastic...I'm drooling!!

Wow. such a wonderful home (not to ever imply RDR wasn't wonderful, too!) Truly makes me smile to see Kasha's smile and new pack. Beautiful.

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