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October 28, 2008


Thanks for the update! Glad to hear both Shep and Kasha are doing well.

congratulations to shep and his new family. when shep came to the kabul shelter in may, he was thin and scared and disoriented, but he quickly blossomed into a happy, curious and intrepid soul. it was a miracle that he was able to travel all the way to montana, and many supporters helped that happen. now it is especially thrilling to know he will live out his life in a wonderful home amid much human love and animal companionship. thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!

how wonderful for both these lucky kids! Thanks to Cristene and RDR for giving them a second chance.

(I hope Opus - Mr Penguin - makes it through their antics!)

No doubt that Shep was thrilled to have Kasha in his life again.

Thanks for this round of wonderful photos and for giving these two pals a new, loving home!

These great photos have just made my day!:-)

I'm soooo happy for Kasha and Shep: what a wonderful forever home they've found!!

I just love happy endings, don't you?:-)

Don't forget to vote for RDR--it has been at the number one spot but slipped number two today!!! VOTE EVERYDAY!!! This helps save animals like Shep and Kasha!

This is such a great story I can barely stand it or believe it.

I am so happy to see this update! I wondered if they had been buddies when they were at RDR together. I bet it was great for them to be reunited. It's always good to have a buddy around that you are familar with & spent time with before. I love the play-by-play as they expropriate Mr. Penguin from each other! They look so happy!

They are adorable and so happy!
Thank you for the update.

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