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October 16, 2008


I love it!!!

Nice inspection job, Goldie!

I'm sure she does want all the blankets but something tells me she might share a few of them. : )

Here's hoping you have cozy, warm snoozing days on your new blankees.

Thanks for the box Margaret!

Too cute! Does she get first choice?!

It's quite clear, Goldie is a "working job." Does she get extra treats for being the in-house gift examiner, sniffer, and tester? The person who send the blankets is a true friend to the Rolling Dog bunch!Claire S. Moen

Its good to see that Goldie is still up for the job of mail inspection despite going through chemotherapy in the recent months. It may have not been a box full of sqeeky toys for her to perform surgery on but fleece blankets are nice too!

how totally cute!goldie is golden...she is so sweet. we have a deaf white boxer girl,she's a little tough but when she gets it,it's great. good luck and God bless

This SO totally makes my day. There's no better testimonial in the world than Goldie, :).

She does have me thinking tho'... perhaps I should be inserting squeakers. Warm blankets for warm hearts.

I wonder if Goldie was checking to see if there's a pea under all those blankets?
I've long admired your cozy blankets seen in so many photos, and I bet Goldie picked up on Margaret's scent and knew immediately what was in that box !!!!!!!

Happy snoozing, Goldie !

Of course all of the blankets are for Goldie. But she is so sweet we all know she will share them with her puppy friends. You received them just in time for the cold winter months. My pups like to snuggle under blankets even in the summer.
Stay warm.

Too cute! She just wants to make sure she claims the best one.

What better choice than to have Goldie as your "Quality Inspector" of the newly arrived blankets. That is such a wonderful idea & generous gift from Margaret N. Thank you Margaret N., I know all of the animals welcome your warm & snuggly gifts. Goldie looks so healthy & very pleased with herself lying on top of the blankets. It's wonderful to see her doing so well.

This is what happens every time I come home with shopping! Doesn't matter what I bought, raw meat or toothpaste - it has to be inspected.
Enjoy it Goldie girl - you look like you have the job of chief customs officer down!
Have a nice weekend.

That is the cutest! Margaret N--you ROCK!!!

Too funny! What a bunch of characters you have there! And special people who send them gifts!

Leave it to a hound to find the most comfortable place to lay!

Are you sure Goldie's not a TRAINED blind dog? :)

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