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October 26, 2008


Your pic of Bailey just made my day! I love, love, love these grumpy old doxies. Their antics just seem to get cuter and cuter with age. I have two senior wiener dogs myself (both special needs) and Bailey definitely reminds me of my own brood. I recently discovered Rolling Dog Ranch and I am completely smitten! You do incredible work and you are an inspiration. Bravo!!!

I love Bailey's antics!
And of course, he's just doing what he normally does everyday so to him it's a wonder why you want a picture of him doing this.

A big double laugh!!

Sometimes when you write about one of these guys I like to refresh my memory about how they arrived at RDR. I was reading about Bailey & looked at his pictures & one of the pictures shows him sleeping as you have described him in the blog. I just think it's the cutest! I thought the same thing Miranda thought too & that he must have a serious case of dry mouth when he wakes up!

Ah Bailey - you always make me smile. You know what's important - good resting spots and good things in your mouth!

Oh Bailey, that is so cute! Could it be a thumbsucking kind of thing, for comfort?
My little plumpette will start licking her front paws at nap time, and fall asleep with the little side toe in her mouth! It is the sweetest thing. She's 10 and still doing it.
We finally had rain yesterday, so today everyone is smiling.
Have a great week - keep warm.

Talk about a seriously dry mouth! Does he drink a lot of water when he wakes up?

I guess you'd have to try it to really know what you're missing out on, Steve! I'm glad That Bailey found the perfect bite size for his short but sweet nap.
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

That's so funny! I love the little idiosyncrasies of our furry friends. Love the look you got! It's like, ah, do you mind? I have been hard at work to get in my morning nap & you disturb me?

Your fussy little weiner dogs are a trip. Can't get enough of the quirks of your crew. I picture the beagle crew and the grumpy old weiners as the Jets and the Sharks of RDR.

I can't believe your guy does this too! I thought mine was the only one. Vanna White (my white GSD) put the toy in her mouth, then rocked herself to sleep and finally used the toy as a headrest. Cutest thing ever! She passed away this summer so this brought back such wonderful memories--thanks!

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