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October 20, 2008


What a happy saddened to hear how she was treated before but happy to know she has her safe haven and happy home now! Thank you for sharing.

Roll, Grams, Roll

and let the GOOD times Roll, sweetie !!!!!!!!

When my dogs roll and roll they are rolling over some dead mouse, rat, frog or snake! Then it's bath time. Grand Duchess is loving life in the green grass! Belly rubs to you Duchess.

And that's what it's really all about, isn't it?! She looks just like your logo, :)

Dogs live in the present (thank goodness!) so keep up the present rolling and napping Granny.

We love to watch you enjoying life, no matter what your posture!

God love you for taking her. I hope she lives a very long time. How cruel some people can be, but she's having the time of her life now.

Once again you have saved a precious life and completely turned it around! Thanks for all you do! She looks sooooo happy!

An upside down smile is the best one of all... I wish for many more happy moments in the sunshine for her.

My eyes are filled with happy tears for Duchess/Granny! It's so heart-warming to look at her rolling over and over again in the grass, thinking of all those dark years spent in a garage. Now she must be in doggy heaven, with plenty of room, fresh air, good food (where's the bread?:-)) and lots and lots of LTC...

Thank you for making my day with these adorable pictures and for giving Duchess a great new home!

My old girl looks just like this when she rolls in the grass - of course accompanied by hippo-like grunts of pure joy! Just thinking of the big difference you've made in Granny's life warms my heart. Keep rolling girl - even when the old bones start creaking there's still some fun to be had.

Those pictures are wonderful!! I am so glad to see such a happy Granny!

What a happy girl! Thanks for giving her such a great life to enjoy!

Oh, bless her heart! Thank God for giving her the sunshine & the grass to roll in. Thank you for giving her this little piece of heaven on earth & helping to get her out of that stupid garage! Poor angel, breaks my heart to think she had to endure that in her life and grateful for her that time is over & she can just be a happy rolling dog!

It saddens me that this precious dog was kept in the dark garage all her life, but on the other hand, it thrills me that she is finally living at the ranch and is enjoying her golden years.

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