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October 23, 2008


My name is Ashley Sargent and my husband Rich is currently serving the US Army in Afghanistan. He and I are both animal lovers and supporters and he has become concerned about the welfare of many dogs found on the streets on the town/city he is serving in. He says there are puppies and grown dogs running around everywhere in various stages of malnutrition and abuse, and that most everyone local treats the animals very badly, kicking them, throwing things at them etc.

He has asked me specifically to do some research to see if there were any resources to help him save some of these stray unfortunate animals suffering on the streets. Neither of us have any idea where to start, but we know there must be someone out there who understands and would help support this cause.

If anyone knows of anyone who could help us and/or information to better enlighten us on how this rescue could best be served, I'd greatly appreciate it.


Ashley Sargent for

Spc. Richard E. Sargent, U.S. Army

[email protected]

fabulous story about shep ; yes, these are the stories i want to watch and listen to on the 11.oo p.m. my dreams will be happy !!

Wonderful people. I'm so happy for the two beautiful dogs and the life they will share with a wonderful family.

I am in Kabul right now and have question: my pal from Colorado is downrange in Afghanistan and we're trying to find any guidance as to how to get his pup out from the country. We know that Tigger House can help us with the trip home to the US but our problem lies with transport from Orgun to Kabul. Did RDR bring Shep back on their own? What other agencies are out there to help us bring his pup back home? We are also contractors, not military--so we tend to be at the mercy of ourselves. Any direction in this matter would be greatly appreciated! There are so many great animals here that we try to protect but getting our friends home is really difficult. Leaving them behind is a giant spirit-crusher.

I am a friend of Cris and Duane Justus over here in Hauser and they are wonderful people. They have a great place for dogs and cats and are truly dedicated to raising their "family" with respect, dignity and much love. I met "Shep" today for the first time and he is just fabulous. What a smart and sweet dog. Thanks to all who spent their time, money and energy to create a happy ending for a great dog.

He grew up! He even grew into his ears!!! What a healthy and gorgeous shepard. He obviously did well under your loving care. You guys are incredible.
He is a lucky dog to go to such a lovely and dedicated family. They are lucky to have adopted him too.

There are only two ways to live; you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.
Albert Einstein

Shep's reaching RDR was a miracle; a miracle that's unraveled into another miracle!

Thank you Cristene and Duane for opening your home to another deserving dog!

Please send updates and photos to RDR from time to time; we would love to see how Kasha and Shep blossom!

This is another heartwarming story! So glad to hear that Shep has a new home with siblings. Blessings and thanks to all involved in giving this precious pooch a new life in the US.

As someone who was part of the "team" that helped bring Shep to the U.S. from Afghanistan, I am just thrilled beyond words that he found a wonderful and permanent home. My husband and I adopted Shep's best friend (Skitters) when he was in Afghanistan and she is thriving too. WE continue to help the "team" that is involved with these rescues and it is the most satisfying task that we have been very pround of. Recently a three legged dog was brought to the U.S. who was also soon adopted by a wonderful family. Thank you, Steve and Alayne for taking Shep and finding him a wonderful home.

I love me a happy ending. As someone who works in rescue, it can and so often does go the other way and Shep's story is heartwarming. Thank you to the shelter in Afghanistan, to Steve and Alayne, and to Christene and Duane for giving him a second chance at the life every dog deserves to have.

Wow! It just doesn't get much better than this! What a story Shep could tell. I'm thrilled about his new forever home with Cristene & Duane & Kasha! His new home sounds marvelous! I hope we get updated pics of those two at their new home.
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit
Thanks to each & every person that make this possible for Shep!

This is great news! Shep can run and play and be loved in a great environment. Hearts to Cristene and Duane for opening their home and their lives to this great dog. He will return that love with affection and lot's of kisses many times over! How lucky for all!

Afghanistan to America, Doggie Paradise Part 1 to Doggie Paradise Part 2. The Fates must love this little dog. A great story. Best wishes to Christene, Duane, Kasha, and Shep!

Christene, Duane, Alayne and Steve, WOW! I'm crying and smiling, too. In addition to your wonderful compassion for animals, you are the best kind of goodwill ambassadors for the USA.
Little Shep is adorable, and blessed in miracles!

I like that term "pocket shepherd". My Katie is a Poulsbo Teapot Shepherd, but she doesn't really look like Shep.

I was thinking about Shep just the other day so what a nice surprise to see him in your entry today!! What wonderful news!

I hope Cristene and Duane write to you soon. I'd love to know how they went about introducing Shep to the pack (of course he already knows Kasha.....won't they remember each other??) and how they show Shep where everything is at his new home. I'm fascinated by how they (and you and Alayne) manage so many dogs in a home enviroment.

Thanks for making me smile (and happy cry) this morning.

This is a REAL happily ever after ending! These pictures are lovely. And how sweet that Kasha and Shep will be together with this great family in a luscious setting. Blessings to all of you for making this dream come true.

AWESOME! Talk about a "rags to riches" story. He and Kasha should make quite a pair!

And thank you, Steve and Alayne, for bringing this guy to a new country so he could find a new life. He is a beautiful creature who had no chance, no chance at all without you.

I've often wondered about Shep. I am so happy that he has found a forever home. He looks fabulous, and finally has grown into his ears! God Bless all of the critters. Thanks for a great story.

My eyes are leaking!! How wonderful this boy has found his forever home with such a wonderful couple....wish we could do this for all of them!

After seeing recent news stories on NBC about how difficult it is for our soldiers in Afghanistan, it's so wonderful to know of a good story from that neck of the world. Thank you to the animal shelter in Afghanistan to taking Shep in. A thank you to Rolling Dog Ranch for bringing Shep here and putting him on the road to recovery. And one last thank you to Duane and Cristene for giving Shep a forever home. In a scary world, it's so wonderful to know such kind people are out there to help those in need.

Wonderful, wonderful news!!! I'm overjoyed for everyone involved in this fabulous adoption. Way to go, Shep!

God bless you all.

Oh my gosh...I love this true life story. Shep has grown into a beautiful boy! Duane & Cristene your hearts are big and Shep is a recipient of your generosity and love. You make the world a better place!! This put a HUGE smile in my heart. Great way to go to bed tonight.

Right on, RDR. I think that you have spawned another dog sanctuary in Idaho. Cristene and Duane J. have the beginnings of another wonderful doggie heaven.

Cristene and Duane J - please let us know what the visiting hours are - we would love to visit all the K9s that you have rescued! :)

What a heart warming story. 'Shep' has no idea of his great fortune. The blessing will be in the doggie days that he has romping with the pack in Idaho.

Rescued dogs are the best - they know the story and love their people.

Thanks to all who made this happy ending happen.

I am so happy for Shep. This is a heart warming story and I wish THIS story were the headline on CNN instead of our declining economy. It makes me smil to know that so many people played a hand in getting Shep to his forever home. Bless each and everyone who cared enough to help this wonderful dog. Kristin

Tingle was exactly the right word.

All of our wonderful animals smiling down on Shep from across the Rainbow Bridge know he has a heck of a lot more living to do!!! Many, many thanks to his new owners! He has truly found paradise on Earth!

Duane & Cristene you are so blessed to be able to do this for Kasha & now for Shep. Thank you for coming back for Shep & giving him such a wonderful forever home. Just from his pictures it easy to tell how sweet he is & how happy you both are with the newest addition to your doggie paradise. Shep has certainly been through a lot & deserves all the love I know you will shower him with. Please keep us updated. I have tears of happiness in my eyes as I write this.

Wow... this one brings tears to my eyes. Thanks for the reminder that anything is possible.

That is such a touching story, my eyes are leaking! Blessings to those wonderful people, and also everyone who makes it possible to rescue the innocent ones who only want to give and receive love.

I am so so so so happy for Shep. He will have a wonderful home and life with many friends.Please keep us posted on his new home.

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