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October 27, 2008


Sorry to hear you didn't get your dream house but one look at the happy faces you see each day as well as tail wags you must know it was worth the sacrifice.

I don't have a dishwasher either. Occasionally, when cleaning up after houseguests, I start thinking about getting one, but I too am reluctant to give up cupboard space. Now that I've seen the pyramid of dog bowls, I won't feel so bad about a few extra cups and glasses!

And I complain because I have six dog dishes and one outside kitty dish. We have an automatic dish washer. As soon as we finished eating our dinner, I automatically get up and start washing the dishes!!

If you had a dishwasher.....wouldn't everyone miss seeing, and chatting about, the symmetrical pyramid of bowls? Yep, I think they would. Some ways of doing things should just stay as they are.

Nice work Steve! : )

The last two didn't fit so you didn't wash them...LOL...I do understand the reasoning there..isn't that a little scary.

Don't forget to vote for RDR--it has been at the number one spot but slipped number two today!!! VOTE EVERYDAY!!!

Everything in it's place and a place for everything. Maybe 2013 will be the year of the dishwasher for you and Alayne!

Time to add on....and time to add that dishwasher. Maybe a dishwasher....portable mechanical one of the dog houses. ?? I know I wouldn't hand wash that much stuff!

That is a mighty fine piece of handiwork. And, of course I know all the animals appreciate your hard work of keeping things symmetrical. Years ago when I was first starting out on my own I had the tinest apartment ever with no dishwasher & of course no washer/dryer. I didn't want to use the community washers if I could avoid it so I ventured out to find a portable washer that I could roll up to the sink. But, in my quest to find the washer I also found a dishwasher that did the same thing. I thought I had hit the lottery. I was able to keep it in a space by the kitchen & roll it to the sink when needed. I'm not sure about how much space you do have but it's a thought to go online & try to find a portable dishwasher. I looked before I wrote this & there were a few at Walmart that had some pretty good reviews written about them. But they also had some available from different stores, Loews, etc. They usually run less than $500. I notice those bowls are pretty good size so not sure if they would fit into some of the portable dishwashers available but from what I saw they have various sizes & maybe you might have to do a couple of loads but it might be worth it to save you guys from dishwasher hands.

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