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September 18, 2008


Hi Alayne and Steve!!!

Maybe the adorable one is making a "noise break" instead of a wind break? Could just like quiet sometimes or arranging a good mini ampitheatre! Doggie ear muffs when covered or surround sound in creative shapes!
Who knows with these wonderful creatures!

I love this blog so much. I always wait until I am home from work to read it because it always puts a smile on my face.

When are you guys going to write a book about the ranch? Would be a bestseller no doubt.


Didn't Dachshunds used to be used for hunting animals that burrowed and went underground? I think I read that once so if they were bred for that maybe he has an innate desire to create something resembling, to him, an underground burrow or tunnel? Whatever, it apparently gives him a sense of accomplishment!

This was hilarious!! Thanks for the chuckle this morning!
AKA Frankie's mom

My dog has an uncanny ability to shape a blanket into a perfect half-cirle, it's almost as if she gets out a drafting compass when I'm not looking. Sometimes she'll spend 5 minutes on it, and if she can't get it the way she wants it, she'll walk away and go lay somewhere else.

I had a little, deformed Yorkie that would do the same was amusing to watch....we never knew exactly what shape he would end up being satisfied with..

Your posts about your dachshunds are always my favorite. They sure can be entertaining!

Definitely a creature of comfort! Knows what he wants & gets it just right! And, you never know when the wind might pick up, even in the house!

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