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September 23, 2008


I am a day behind on the posts so when I saw Margaret I was like, huh??? & thought that's a different looking dog cuz of the tail. Plus, I didn't recognize the name. Wasn't sure what was up but now I see you have a new blog today splaining it!!! I will now catch up on the latest & greatest. I'm glad to see everyone got their check-ups! It's a good feeling when everyone is all checked out.

Margaret! She wants to break that canine coalition and be involved in the big day too!

Cutie pie - knew she wasn't a dog by that tail!

I'm with everyone else. Where have you been hiding Margaret? You've been holding back Steve. just wanted to see how many people would notice that you slipped a goat in there!! RDR Blog readers are too smart for that!! You are so busted!! You know you are going to have to do a blog on them now!!

LUUUCCYYYY! You have some 'splainin' to do!

Goats! You never told us about goats! Those little ones are SO cute.


Are you withholding info and preventing us from going ga-ga with oooohhhhs and aaaahhhhs for a really cute Margaret who looks suspiciously like a pygmy goat? Come on...fork over details...we're waiting to get silly over her!

Read your blog every morning at work. What a great job you all are doing for these animals. Have to admit I totally missed the goat until I read thru the comments! Had to go back and look and Margaret sure looks like a goat.....

Thanks for including Helen. I think about her often and was wondering how she was adjusting to having three legs instead of four. What a beautiful, brave soul she seems to be. Wish I could meet her.

Who is Margaret?

I have to agree with Moon Rani..Margaret sure looks like a goat. And what a pretty girl she is. Let's see more of her. Who does she "room" with? Is she our only goat at RDR? I'll bet Roy and Margaret would get along well! How is Roy?

Ummm....did I miss a meeting? How did a goat sneak in there? Margaret IS a goat, right? Or am I just not too bright when it comes to doggie breeds?

Well, whatever she is, she's a cutie.

Has anyone told Margaret (or you, for that matter) that she is not a dog?

others beat me to it, but Margaret sure is a funny looking pupper....

Why is there not a blog on Margaret? I would like some back ground info on the pretty little thing and maybe a better photo.

I agree with everyone else. Margaret is adorable!! But did we know you had a goat? Does she have a disability or is she there just to help keep the grass trimmed? More info about Margaret, please.

Margaret? Never heard that name there yet. hmmmm is she a goat or a dog?
Just wondering. Thanks for all the updates WE Love them.

Margaret??? When did she arrive??? How did I miss that?

Margaret? Is she a new breed of dog? ;) I don't remember reading about her, either.

Widget looks very svelte!

Hahaha, Moon Rani, your comment cracked me up!! I was scrolling down past her...thought about it and scrolled back up to take a better look at that little tail poking out and my thought was what you wrote ;-).

Margaret?? Who is Margaret? Spill the beans, Steve! Glad to hear all the doggies are healthy!

Love to hear that these doggies are healthy!

You know, for a dog, Margaret sure looks like a goat. :)


Did we know you had a goat?

(That IS a goat, isn't it? If not, please give her my apologies.)

Widget is in danger of losing her Beagle union card. Tell her to get in there and cage some treats off of you.

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