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September 21, 2008


Love those blindies! Hope your weather continues to improve

What a beautiful photo!!! The horses look so peaceful and relaxed.....they know they are in heaven on this side of earth!

Wow a "T" the second letter of your name......hey, maybe they were trying to spell something and got sleepy....
Gimme a S
Gimme a T
Great shot, the amazing thing to me is that all of these beauties are blind, and can spell!
Since I've been reading your blog, I've become more sensitive to the animal personalities that we have at our place. All different agendas and different directions....we just brought them all together for our happy chaotic life.
Glad you got rain, nice sweet smell.

Beautiful shot!
You don't see this horse configuration every day.

That is a "T" for thanks! I hope & pray I can come volunteer (& catch a nap) next year, the horses are beautiful!I hope Cash is behaving & not being to much of a buster!

I think they were honoring the end of the visitors season and you & Alayne with a "T" for Thank You for giving them such a wonderful place to live & enjoy their lives. They just happened to fall asleep because it was such a pleasant afternoon before the welcomed rain storm.

What a lovely picture. Lena was meant for RDR and thank goodness because she helped save so many other horses. RDR is such a SPECIAL place. Volunteering at the ranch is a highlight of my year! I can’t wait until 2009!!!

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