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September 17, 2008


Cute cat trio! Fibby has grown into a real beauty. I love Herbie's expression in the shot.
Yeah..cats! : )

I watch Dogs with Jobs too; great show. Maybe the dogs could be testimonials for their dog beds. What better praise is there than a sleeping dog on your product. ; )

Or...they DO have a job and take it very seriously!! You two and your volunteers work soooo hard they have to keep the balance!!

Keep up the good photo's though, whatever kind of photographer you feel yourself to be on a given make my day.

As soon as you move they move but you got the shot! What a bunch of beautiful sweet kitty kats!

that Herbie is darn cute!

Too funny! I love how each one has their post. My cat does the same thing. I try to take a picture & hurry to get the camera, & hmmm, he has changed position, moved away completely from the spot, or he literally will turn his head away from me! I guess cats are not fond of the paparazzi!!!

What a wonderful site! And what a great way to spend your time, your energy, and your love. I found your site via TypePad's "recently updated" list, and I'm so glad I did. You made my day.


I looked at Alayne and said, "See? They can have jobs."
**********************************Well, yes they can, but you forget........ THIS is RDS ( Rolling Dog Spa) work allowed !!! :)

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