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September 30, 2008


I know this story was written a few years ago but I just lost my dog to cheatgrass last week. She had been so sick for a month and when we took x-rays there was a mass and her intestine walls were more than paper thin. We had to make the choice to put her down and after the vet looked to find what the mass was to find a tennis ball size of puss. Please everyone take this serious as our poor Lucy Lou a Black Lab was only 5 and loved to run and play in the fields, which I still wouldn't deny her of that I would just be much more particular about the fields I let her run in. I had never heard of this before, our family is devistated with our sudden loss. Pet owners need to know the true danger of this.

sure is hard to find decent photos of cheatgrass. I dont know if we have it here in our common area or not.

Wow....what a challenge you have! Hope you are able to get rid of it for all concerned.

Good luck with this battle! I hope for your beautiful land & the wonderful animals that you are able to get it controlled! It's horrible when things like that are so aggressive.

Just wondering how Granny is.

Boy, do I know how awful this weed is! When I worked in Vet hosp's in Calif. we called the plant "foxtail",but they call it cheatgrass here in WA, and they cause BIG problems for animals by entering ears, the skin between toes, and even up nasal cavities. If migrated to the brain, they can even cause death. I join you in cursing this evil weed and pray that you can erradicate it from the ranch, especially for the animals sake. Good luck in your Weed War, Steve, May the Herbicide Be With You!

Don't forget to vote for RDR as America's favorite Shelter...see blog from a few day ago!!!

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