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September 16, 2008


Ohhhhh....that Margaret!!! I heart Margaret too! What a cutie pie!! Thanks Steve, love reading your blog, I happily lurk daily!
XXOO to Margaret and the gang!

You know, I tell the cats every morning that they need to go earn their keep - Science Diet isn't cheap, you know! - but they claim they can't because of no opposable thumbs. What an excuse! :-)

As long as the dogs are happy life is GOOD!

Ahhh, but you see in their dreams they are chasing rabbits across fields and cats up trees, herding imaginary sheep, climbing bales of hay to be king of the mound, racing around the house room to room over furniture and under beds, and wrestling with the other dogs in the yard. It can make for some great mental exhaustion....thus naps.

You are funny...

If this doesn't define the term "creature comfort", I'm not sure what does! :) And that's what is SO special about RDR.

Do you think they sleep more because they're blind? Just wondering, because my (sighted) dogs used to spend a lot of time watching - watching me, watching what was going on outdoors...

Even though they are "bums" (our boy Clancy included) there is nothing sweeter than a sleeping pooch. Great pictures, Alayne!

Mmmm....I'm afraid I would forget all about a lecture and just join them, those beds look comfy enough! A post like this one does make me feel a little less guilty about my two-days-a-week, six-hours-a-day job, my three will spend those days napping too ;-)...

Camilla and Daphne spend most of their time napping, too. They wouldn't be any good at empire-building, Roman style!;-)))))

Congratulations to Alayne for the nice photos.

Who needs ambition and drive when you've already reached the pinnacle of any dog's dream - RDR!! My little roly poly also sleeps all day, the only time she gets up is to move to where the sun went! Ahh - the good life. Have a nice day.

This is such a funny post! Your wit is great. I'm sorry to tell you this but if you did gather them all together for the speech your audience would be asleep in less than 5 min. No offense to your speaking abilities, I'm sure they are great, but these dogs know when they've got it made & really know what is important in a dog's life! Eat, sleep, take care of personal business. run (but don't overdo it), sleep some more!

What sweet little faces! What I wouldn't give for an afternoon nap!! : )

Jasmine is a professional napper as well. She wakes ME up at 6:30 a.m., accompanies me while I eat my breakfast, and then promptly falls off for a nap. I usually go out to run errands around 10:00, so I wake her up to go outside for a few minutes and then leave her in the nap. I get home, and she goes nuts for a few minutes, plays a bit, and then naps until mid-afternoon when she gets her next energy spurt. We usually walk at that time. Then she naps until dinner. After dinner, we usually go for another walk, and then she naps until bedtime.

It's a dog's life. We wish! :-)

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