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September 24, 2008


Margaret is adorable. You can tell by the pics that she truly does adore you!!

Watch out Ellie May! Here comes Margaret to take your spot at the feet of Steve! I love this post as it shows that goats can tell a kind heart just as successfully as other animals. What a sweet girl!

I heart Margeret too! what a cutie !

What a wonderful, lovely post! Steve, you are so very lucky! I heart Margaret too!!! :)

What an amazing story!!! Love the cute additions that live on the ranch!

So cute! I don't blame you for falling for her - it doesn't sound like she gave you much of a choice. :)

Now that is really cute. Who could resist that look.

WIth faces like Margaret and her sisters and all of the other amazing personalities on the ranch and all of your blogs ... I think it is time for your own series on Discovery channel!

Shame on you for holding out on us!! I have always wanted a little goat!Margaret and the others are adorable.

Steve, you must be one of the luckiest people on the planet. I've always loved "go-ats" and to have a minion who is a goat is like winning the lottery. I heart Margaret as well! You can't sneak anything by us! So thank you for the quick response to all of our probing about Margaret.

Omigosh!! What a sweetheart!! Welcome to RDR you lucky girl!!
I wanted to pass along a contest that is going on at to vote for the best animal shelter in America. Well, we all know what shelter that is :-)))! The winning shelter will receive 10,000 dollars! Please, if you have a moment cast your vote for RDR so they can continue to help the animals that so desperately need help. God bless you and thanks!!

I know that sharing the same name is total coincidence, but I'm proud nevertheless, :) We just went to the Puyallup (Western Washington) State Fair, and besides "the 4H dog barn", the goats are "folks" I truly enjoy seeing.

Congratulations! Let's all be shining stars like Margaret!

This is the sweetest blog ever! I heart Margaret, too. Look at those markings. Thanks for all the pictures, they are wonderful.
I can't wait to meet you, Alayne and all of the animals at the ranch one day.

I love what you guys have going on...
I am adding your widget to my site!!

What a charming goat story/love story/go't love it story!! I heart this blog and these darlin' animals and their love interests. :<)

Sounds like Margaret is very smart and adores you. With those two positives going for you, I'll bet you could teach her some doggy skills like heel, come, stay, or even down. If you can housebreak her, you'll have two minions at your feet this winter! We heart Margaret too!

Oh, I see why you heart Margaret! She is soooo cute & those eyes are enough to get lost in! Thanks for sharing your story about them. They are all precious! You & Alayne are such fortunate people to be able to share so many wonderful experiences with all your wonderful furry friends!

This is one of my favorite posts!
Margaret is a shining star!

I have a true heart spot for goats too. They're brilliant and very loyal, as the one I had was.

I'm so glad Margaret and her sisters are part of the RDR team of hard workers and even more glad that you, Steve, have a devoted friend who would love to be by your side day and night.

This post was a real treat...hope to see a go-at video sometime!

What a sweet addition. What a cutie Maraget is.

I loooooove goats. They are such an "in your face" creature with tons of personality. Kisses and hugs to all of them. An animal minion in any form is a treasure.

Steve has a serious girlfriend! (Sorry Alayne!) - Cutie-Patootie Margaret is seriously smitten with you Dude - oh well - gals always go for the gentle, supportative, humourous kind anyway - bet it's that Beard - she probably likes the "tickle".

The goats are so pretty! Margaret is in heart with you too Steve! What a great addition to RDR. Keep us posted on the go-ats!

Oh goodness....I am in love!!! Always wanted my own little goats...guess I get to live vicariously through you now!!!

I love goats. We had one that ran into the house and hopped up on the couch. Another kept following my mother's car down the lane from my house so she had to stay until we got home from work.
And we raised angora's. I don't know if mulitflora rose is problem for you like it is here in Ohio, but they are the perfect animal to get rid of it. They eat it right down into the ground plus their hair can be sold to spinners and knitters and crafters!!! They do earn their keep.

What a delightful post! I savored every word and photo, as it is truly a love story. If only everyone could have a pal like Margaret. We should all be so lucky! Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to post, Steve. It is something I look forward to every day. Today's post made me smile a little bit more than usual. I heart Margaret too!!!

OMG! Can anyone get any cuter than this?!?

I'm not surprised you've fallen head over heels in love with Margaret: she's too precious!:-)

I'm not surprised, either, that she fell in love with such a swell guy like you, Steve.:-) Hope Alayne is not too jealous...;-D

Please give the three go-ats a big hug for me, will you?

When the heart is full of something, the pen won't stop writing about it...what a lovely story today! And the pictures are awesome, especially the one where she is greeting you. Couldn't you make something on the back of the tractor, a "Margaret-seat-box-thing" so she can come with you to help with the chores? I remember the blog about Noodles NOT being a working dog, miss M. could be a working go-at, going for rides with you :-)).

Nigerian Dwarfs!! Go, Africa!! Those eyes looking up at the camera - very cute indeed. Looks to me like Miss Ellie May has competition. Enjoy your weekend.

Your blogs put such a bright spot in the day--you are such a wonderful storyteller!

This is amazing! I love this blog story. I remember these goats from the first of June and boy they have come a very long way! They are truly a part of the pack! AMAZING!!!!

I want goats!! I dream of having my own acres of land where I can have my own goats. And dogs. And cats.
Margaret is an adorable little goat! So cute. Thank you for sharing her story.

awww, Steve, I heart Margaret too! How can you resist that face...... well you should.

Who wouldn't heart Margaret? What will the goats do all winter? Hang out in the barn...or figure out ways to make mischief?

Aw, Margaret seems very sweet I could see why you'd be smitten! :)

Well, do what you have to do,Steve, but personally, I think Alayne is a cut above :0 :) :) :0

Seriously, though, those little goats have added a whole new and delightful demension to RDR !!!!!!!!!!!!

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